Ritu's Portfolio

I am looking to build a portfolio for next 3 -5 years…
Following are my picks

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I have added a very brief one line summary for the picks if needed can elaborate more.
Feel free to post any questions, suggestions, feedback :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:



After having a quick view on your portfolio, a couple of feedback from my side :

  1. Force Motors : Management quality not very promising.
  2. Indigo : I personally prefer to stay away from the aviation sector., the primary reasons being intense competition, profitability very much dependent on crude prices & no brand loyalty (customer prefers cheaper rate than a brand).

Just my 2 cents.


If you are looking at a long term horizon (3-5 years) than I would recommend SBI and/or ICICI bank and Tata Motors DVR at current rates.

I’m very new to serious investing …Here is my 2 cents. It is good PF and yes concentrated one.Your exposure to financial sector is ~40%. It is a leverage play and somewhat cyclical. So could think of reducing it a bit and add another sector.

Thanks for reviewing my portfolio @mukesh_gt @dmobile @Anindito :slight_smile:

@mukesh_gt: Yes, i agree with you about indigo, have decided never to touch a commodity type of business ever again. Will research furthur on force motors.

SBI - Do not like public sector banks for their pathethic service and hence i believe that value will migrate from public sector banks to private sector banks sooner or later. So its better to stay invested in a pvt. sector bank
ICICI - Have been tracking and looking to get into it at around 215 levels. Because thats the only level that has a sufficient margin of safety.
Tata motors - Yes, I was looking to buy tata motors during the brexit days but missed the opportunity because of being fully invested. The stock has run up a lot since then. In a market crash kind of a situation (again) i will definately want to buy it.

@anindito: Thank you :slight_smile:
I agree exposure to the financial sector is 40%. I like to focus on sectors that have a tailwind going on for them or are beneficiaries of low crude prices for ex (plastic products, Pvt banks, housing finance, consumer finance, chemicals, textiles, auto). I couldnt find any more favourable sectors and hence the higher allocation to financial sector. I shall however keep my eyes open to newer emerging sectors for future investments :slight_smile:


I would prefer DHFL over CANFIN. To me , it looks that there is greater margin of safety in DHFL and growth prospects are equally good.
Disclosure: Had invested in CANFIN for a long time, it went nowhere, but started it dizzy climb almost immediately after I disinvested. You may take it as a case of sour grapes. Am invested in DHFL and propose to hold it really log term.

Hi Yash! Thanks for reviewing my PF :slight_smile:

With regards to DHFL, I did study it and was not convinced about the integrity of the promoter although the growth prospects are equally good & it is much more undervalued than Canfin. Hence, my pick in the housing finance sector would be CanFin

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Yash There are talks that DHFL is planning to do a QIP soon. Have you done any calculations on the same for the book value? If possible then please share your investment rationale for DHFL so that others can from it :slight_smile:

I will find out about QIP. I have stopped calculating any but the simplest ratios etc, for quite sometime. You may have to turn to someone else. I go more by gut feeling nowadays.

I think you should check Ibulls houaing finance too…you should check consumption and agri theme too…Heritage foods; UPL ; VST tillers looks good…and u hv all gems in your portfolio…congrats