Ricoh India and DIC India Delisting opportunities

Didn’t find any thread on these happening and action-packed stories. Hence, took the liberty to open the thread though a bit late in the game.

Ricoh: While this stock has run up substantially, a few knowledgeable market-men tend to believe the exit price could be in the vicinity of 170-180 as Ricoh seems to be serious about delisting this time.

DIC India: While a few investors tend to believe this deserves a price of at least Rs.450 - Rs.500, not really sure what to expect from this counter.

Would appreciate views.

Both have Japanese promoters and given the lower interest rates thr has been increasing no of delisting announcements coming from Japanese cos

Denso was successfully completed and thr are rumours about Maruti suzuki and hitachi too.

Now coming to Ricoh and DIC

Ricoh has poor fundamentals and hence from a pure stock perspective an avoid. But Ricoh also looks serious this time to delist as it has raised indicative price from 58 to 120. Given the CmP of rs 140 my experience tells me that 170 to 180 levels can be expected on this stock. Shareholding is getting consolidated which is also also good sign for delisting to go through. Recently denso increased indicative price from 60 to 95 and eventual delist price was 50% higher at 145. Again had consolidated shareholding. So Ricoh looks a good trade bet

Dic has relatively better fundamentals, book value of Rs

340). Hence at cmp of rs 380 looks ok. Just that here the wait may be longer as big punters may be first looking at ricoh and then would move to dic with full focus.

Both these are not the classic valuepickr stocks and only event based trades. Only a very small part of portfolio should be allocated for such adventures.


It is noticed that the minority share holders have filed a Petition against Ricoh India Limited before the Hon’ble NCLT, Mumbai Bench under Sections 241 and 242 read with Chapter XVI of the Companies Act, 2013.

If any of the members here have invested in Ricoh and are aggrieved by the way operations of the company were conducted over the years, it would be useful follow the development of this case and if any of you have more details of this case then please feel free to share it here.

Intimation.pdf (279.8 KB)

According to data available in BSE, Ricoh India had more than 16000 share holders holding a little above 26% of the share capital