Review on my Portfolio - Nithin


I am comparatively new in direct stock investing even though I had some mutual fund investments (SIP) started since 2012. I used to follow this forum since last year and found very impressive.
I have recently created a portfolio based on my limited market knowledge (courtesy to valuepickr and moneycontrol) and I want you guys expert views/opinions on this which could definitly help me to re-adjust the portfolio. I am intend to keep this portfolio for atleast next 6-8 years.

  1. ION EXCHANGE - 30% (avg price 455) - Company is a pioneer in water, waste water treatment and environment solution. It has good consistent profit growth since few is well poised to benefit from the revival of industrial activity in the Indian economy. The increasing government regulations and focus on water and water management such as the Swachh Bharat Mission, the Clean Ganga initiative, the National Rural Drinking Water Programs.

  2. Garware-Wall Ropes - 10% (avg price 884) - One of India’s leading player in technical/engineer textile industry. Also playing a role in India’s defence sector with recent order from Israel Aero-T.

  3. Bharat Forge Ltd - 10% (avg price 550) - One of the player in automotive, defence and aerospace industries.

  4. Transport Corporation of India Ltd - 10% (avg price 316) - One of the largest player in organised logistics industry. It can be emerged a key beneficiary of the recent GST implementation.

  5. Cochin Shipyard Ltd - 10% (avg price 554) - market leader in indian ship repair and beneficiary of defence sector (Navy) order. It already has a strong orderbook.

  6. HUDCO - 8% (avg price 71) - A company wholly owned by government is a direct beneficiary of housing and urban infrastructure growth.

  7. Swelect Energy Systems Ltd - 8% (avg price 530) - A player in Solarr energy market and good potential to grow.

  8. Roto Pumps Ltd - 7% (avg price 110) - A small company engaged in manufacturing of screw pumps and parts of pumps. recently added manufacturing capacity.

  9. RBL Bank - 7% (avg price 380) - Playing a role in private banking space. Efficent promoters/management.

10.Cash - 12% - for new opportunities/IPO and if possible, SIP in above scips in dips.

Any suggestions could greatly help.

Allocating as high as 30% to a high conviction bet is a mistake I have made in the past. Things do go wrong in stock market and when the company is dependent upon government contracts, there is a higher likelihood of things going wrong. Hence, pruning the high allocation may not be such a bad idea.


I am not an expert so take my suggestion with a pinch of salt, but, have you taken a look at ratios like RoCE? For few stock like Swelect, it is around 7, isn’t that a poor number?

Given that, currently market is touching new highs and most of your stocks are around 20% range of their 52 week high, I would advice you to take staggered approach to investing rather than one shot capital deployment.

If you believe you are new to market, I would suggest to do a stringent self evaluation before getting into highly concentrated portfolio from beginning . It may test analytical and behavioral skills during extreme circumstances .

Check this thread for Garware.

I agree with your point and I will bring down the allocation.
Thank you.

Thank you SkyWalker. I will reduce the allocation and keep taht cash to use at next market turbulance time.

Hi suru27, Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have any recommendation or any web link which will be helpful to perform the stock evaluation.