Resources and Books on Technical Analysis

I did not find a dedicated thread for resources and books on Technical Analysis. Hence the attempt, please keep adding your resources. I am sure there would be many:

Let me start with a very popular book:

Trading for a Living by Dr. Alexandar Elder

This is considered as a modern classic, blind buy for anyone want to add layer technical analysis on top of your investing philosophy.

The books first two chapters concentrates heavily around psychology and mass psychology.

Next 5-6 chapters covers intense discussions, practical examples on charting, computerised analysis, volume, few indicators etc.

The book end with trading systems and risk management. The first and last two sections can help enormously fundamental investors.


I am great fan of candlestick charting. I like the books by Steve Nison who pioneered eastern technical analysis to the West by translating Japanese documents.

I find this very effective in Indian market since many few people know it correctly, most technical analysts in India just use few western techniques like moving averages, RSI etc.

To start with there is great book Japanese Candlestick Charting - Steve Nison

Also, there is a book by same author “Beyond candlesticks charting” which one should read after above book is completed.


It is said that one should use Fundamental Analysis to decide what to buy (or sell) and Technical Analysis to decide when to buy. “Technical Analysis of Stock Trends” by Edwards and Magee is considered the magnum opus on Technical Analysis. I have read it and found it very useful to understand the importance of technicals though I am basically a fundamental investor. Worth reading by all serious investors.


There is a book Technical Analysis Explained by Martin Pring which covers western charting techniques.


Way of the Turtle by Curtis M Faith

Another trading classic comes from a very successful trader under legendary Richard Denis.

Turtle is Richard Denis’s institution which was known for making billions and tight lipped secrecy.

The books share practical lessons from Curt which includes a big chunk of behavioural finance, and some of the successful rules practised by Turtle as Donichian channels, pivot break outs etc.


Trade your way to financial freedom by Van K Tharp

Cant say whether it brings financial freedom or not but definitely it helped me to cover my expenses this year. A book with no nonsense approach where you read line by line and put to work papers.

It covers a. expectancy b. position size. c. developing trading system d. exit strategy e. performance measurement for system and of course loads of behavioural finance.

A must read for everyone, another eye opener.

Market Wizard Series- Jack Schwager

This is one most successful series of books where financial journalist Jack Schwager conducted interview with some of world’s top most traders and speculator.

The interview has been chunked to themes as objective, psychology, routine work, exit, entry etc. One can pick up lessons from there.

For those who are interested in learning the basics…Presentation on Technical analysis which I did at investor meet…Hope this helps…There are tools and books which I like in one of the slide as well…

Technical analysis_Basics_v2.pdf (1.2 MB)


Trend Following by Michael Covel

Trend is your friend, the highly respected author spends pages and pages explaining how trend following has been successful whether early 1900’s and now.

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

One of the best books available in psychology and behavioural zone. Author is using trading as he is a coach, applicable for anyone who wants to manage uncertainity.

Secrets for Profiting from Bull and Bear Market by Stan Weinstein

John Maynard Keynes taught macro economics and cycles to all of us. Here is one who applied and made tonnes of money. Learn stage analysis and more.

How to Make Money in Stocks by William O Neil

Bill O Neil is a investing legend, his efforts in the field of research and mentoring is unquestionable. His most of disciples have created envious wealth and success, mother tree of techno fundamental investing. Bill O Neil speaks about his famous CANSLIM.

Trend Trading by Daryl Guppy

Highly successful coach and trader Daryl Guppy speaks about behaviour of investors and traders through a mechanism called Multiple Moving Averages through contraction and expansion of price/volume data.

Ray Dalio (Principles and Work)

One of the greatest books of recent time. This comes from a investing don who has influenced generations. Speaks about principles he has adopted and communicated to his employees.

The Art of Execution- Lee Freeman Shore

Real money, real managers- end result different styles and behaviour. Lee experimented with his money to find out truth. A must for those starting and reminder for those who exist.

Tensile Trading by Gatis/Grayson Roze

Journey management of a successful investor with details of hits and misses.

Momentum Masters- Mark Minervini

Imagine a stock wizard with another 2 designated US champions decide to answer questions raised by millions around the world. Mark is on a roll, straight talk book; took 5 readings for me to understand few things.

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How to trade in stocks by Jesse L Livermore

A more pragmatic book written by the greatest. Still it’s relevant; he spoke about pivot point, industry leadership etc. Beauty is you can find his hand written scripts in the book.

Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard: Mark Minvervini

Apparently the book improved me a lot, one of best of books on investment (growth) I have ever red.

Stocks on Move by Andreas Clenow

Lots of practical nuggets provided by author, be it risk management or position size.

Trade Vic- Methods of Wall Street Master

Though I have few reservations about entire book, the portion on technical footprint is awesome!

Two oldies but goldies I picked up from Mark’s book.

Super performance stocks by Richard Love

Though slightly macro related I like the chapter which is dedicated on attributes of super performance stock.

This book is out of print, I took a copy from American friend. Please let me know if you want a copy. I am based out of Bangalore.

Stock Market Blueprint by Deji Odusi

Categorize based on nature of stocks like turn around, cyclical etc, Excellent book to do a stock profiling.

Thanks, @The_Confused_Consult. The list of books is great.

If I want to get my hands on a couple of books, which one you recommend?

I am sure there are few websites which offer technical information about stocks. Do you have any suggestion?


If you want to get into methods this two would be my favourite:

  1. How to trade in stocks by Jesse Livermore
  2. Trade like a stock market Wizard by Mark Minervini

Price, volume data you will get from both BSE and NSE website. Not sure about what you mean by technical information.

Charting tool I use mostly ETNow or Stockcharts. Not a ardent fan of chart patterns apart from basics like price, volume or max averages.


Education of a Speculator by Victor Neiderhoeffer.
He was a Professor, Squash Champion and One of the best fund managers who went broke 3 times !

He is known to run his place like a Lab and many of his employees including his brother started off their own funds to make millions. Even Soros sent his son to learn under his patronage.

He also runs a blog - Daily speculations

The Alchemy of Finance- George Soros

A very good book to understand macro trends with reflexivity.

Reminiscences of a stock operator- Edwin Lefevre

No explanation, a cult for generations.

Pitbull: Marty Schwartz

Martin Schwartz’s journey.

Liar’s Poker: Michael Lewis

Extremely well written book on greed and ambition working on wall street.

Trading Beyond the Matrix- Dr Van K Tharp

Van Tharp has trained some of biggest, excellent book on behavioural finance.

The Complete Turtle Trader- Michael Covel

Covel unravels the methods behind Richard Dennis institution.

The Art of Speculation- Phil Carret

Old book but lots of wisdom on speculation.

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Micheal Covel- Radio Podcast

Covel has interviewed hundreds of traders and investors. Listen carefully, you will find lots of practical wisdom.