Research - call to the company

What is the best way to get in touch with a company directly? get the number from the website, call and shoot questions? In your experience, are most companies cooperative or not-so-cooperative? Are people answering the call competent enough to take their responses seriously? Can we request a call with senior management?



First and foremost, you must have researched the company thoroughly. After that , if you have questions, the first port of call is the designated investor contact in the company. It could be the finance head or company secretary or investor relations person. Depending on how serious your question is, the person would either field it themselves or you can ask to meet. If they see you as a serious, large investor, they will speak with you

You can also attend AGMs and ask pertinent questions and talk to the mangement after the meeting or meet them and ask for time. This is what i do and it works for me

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