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Requesting a feedback on portfolio

Hi, I am newbie and below is my portfolio. I just started 4-5 months ago and focus is on small cap. Plan to hold for long term but may restructure depend on my learnings.

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As a newbie you need to have a balanced portfolio I would suggest you to consider adding few mid and large cap. Most of us paying more on returns than on risk(safeguard of principle)

Birla cable : Very good performance for last few qtr. Entered at 137 level. Bet on 5G and high speed data revolution.

SIS : 60% unorganized sector and huge market size

Automotive excel : Very good performance for past few qtr and good management. Strong client. Value by due to recent fall. Will benifit from axel norm.

Fine organic : Strong entry barrier. Double capacity from FY 20. Comfirt to hold for long time. Thinking of adding more?

Amara raja : Bought at 700 odd level which is good support according to me. Though they are currently not into LI-ION batteries but bet on EV in future

Sun pharma : Always wanted to buy this stock and just added few day back.

Sadhana : Great turnaround story. Will watch future result and decide.

Gati : Bet on oil price and e-commerce. I think oil price will be low in future which will optimize operational performance. This is more of speculation

Allsec : Though very poor performance for last few qtr. Stock is very cheap

Delta corp : This again can fall in speculation. But have good performance and balance sheet.

I also have tracking position in Dmart, Sagarsoft, uniply, and bls international

Portfolio is of many new stock names … Congrats on your bets… can you elaborate on GATI choice and why it in the logistics space?

It is bet on e-commerce which is rapidly growing and with lower crude prices gati will have good future…also think downside is limited

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Do you have any details for Sagarsoft?

Balance sheet is very strong plus they have same promoter as Sagar Cement…though I just have a tracking position in this stock…

Would like to highlight one negative …some cooperative bank own 8-10 % in equity who was involved in fraud previously

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I am also surprised how gujarat based cooperative bank owns 8% in such a small IT company?

Got rid of lot of junk very early with minimal loss. Restructured the portfolio almost 8 to 10 months back.

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