Requesting a feedback on portfolio

Hi, I am newbie and below is my portfolio. I just started 4-5 months ago and focus is on small cap. Plan to hold for long term but may restructure depend on my learnings.

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As a newbie you need to have a balanced portfolio I would suggest you to consider adding few mid and large cap. Most of us paying more on returns than on risk(safeguard of principle)

Birla cable : Very good performance for last few qtr. Entered at 137 level. Bet on 5G and high speed data revolution.

SIS : 60% unorganized sector and huge market size

Automotive excel : Very good performance for past few qtr and good management. Strong client. Value by due to recent fall. Will benifit from axel norm.

Fine organic : Strong entry barrier. Double capacity from FY 20. Comfirt to hold for long time. Thinking of adding more?

Amara raja : Bought at 700 odd level which is good support according to me. Though they are currently not into LI-ION batteries but bet on EV in future

Sun pharma : Always wanted to buy this stock and just added few day back.

Sadhana : Great turnaround story. Will watch future result and decide.

Gati : Bet on oil price and e-commerce. I think oil price will be low in future which will optimize operational performance. This is more of speculation

Allsec : Though very poor performance for last few qtr. Stock is very cheap

Delta corp : This again can fall in speculation. But have good performance and balance sheet.

I also have tracking position in Dmart, Sagarsoft, uniply, and bls international

Portfolio is of many new stock names … Congrats on your bets… can you elaborate on GATI choice and why it in the logistics space?

It is bet on e-commerce which is rapidly growing and with lower crude prices gati will have good future…also think downside is limited

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Do you have any details for Sagarsoft?

Balance sheet is very strong plus they have same promoter as Sagar Cement…though I just have a tracking position in this stock…

Would like to highlight one negative …some cooperative bank own 8-10 % in equity who was involved in fraud previously

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I am also surprised how gujarat based cooperative bank owns 8% in such a small IT company?

Got rid of lot of junk very early with minimal loss. Restructured the portfolio almost 8 to 10 months back.


Restructured little bit during recent correlation. Idea is to find market leaders in specific sectors mainly small cap and midcap.

I see Delta as the biggest bet. Things that worry me about delta are: 1) Low promoter holding, some pledging 2) lack of drive for Online ( dont see advt, marketing like other players) 3) Slow and long drawn govmt policy making.

Disc: Invested. Is in my top 5 holdings.

Yes short term for Delta looks cloudy but I think stock is good for long term. My allocation increased because of averaging. Since I have longer term horizon I am not worried much.

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Delta corp might become your achilles heel with so much allocation and Corona having an impact on the Casino business.

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Here is the snapshot of latest portfolio highlighting major holdings. Apart from these stock I also hold Indiamart, Laxmi, Oriental Aromatic and Clean Science though it is small portion ranging from 1 to 3% of current portfolio.

Though I wish to hold all these stocks for long term, there has been huge run up since last few months. Portfolio churn is reducing as I am learning and evolving. Would love to hear about selling strategies, restructuring portfolio, booking some profit or it make sense to hold still etc.

Thank you in advance.


It seems that the tail stocks are giving way high returns than your total PF in all time frames. So you need to take a call on the asset allocation by giving more wtage to ur tail stocks by moving money out of the laggards.


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I got rid of so many stocks in recent past like Bandhan, SBI card, Indigo, KRBL, TCNS to name few.

Delta, Tata and Fine hasn’t performed well compared to portfolio (Though I am happy with the returns). Long Term story remains intact and happy to wait until it plays out.

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This is from ICICI Direct. Shown under portfolio drilldown