Renewable Power Producers - Solar, Wind & Hybrid

Hi, Creating this thread to discuss on Independent Power Producers (IPP) players in India incl. Adani Green, KPI, Tata Power, APL, NTPC etc…

So, this sector seems to be now consolidating under few names. Have included NTPC and APL as we will have to do cost comparison also.

  1. My first question on this forum is-

APL - avg taffif is <Rs 3 /unit and AGL - avg tarif of 3.02/unit… Wasnt solar supposed to be cheaper?

  1. 2nd would be -

Can some give a breakup of cost for end consumer / company. in case of traditional power and renewable power.

How much goes to IPP / distribution co/ Govt charges / etc… I understand this will vary from state to state but largely how is the distribution like…?

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