Removal of Quaterly reporting by Companies

In June 2018, Warren Buffett questioned the practice of quarterly guidance by the company. CNBC-TV18 decided to interview former SEBI head Mr. Damodaran on the issue, but more than quarterly guidance he stressed on the need to discontinue quarterly accounting numbers. At 1:50 in video link below, he said “we should do away with quarterly accounts itself, because quarterly accounts are meaningless for some companies like for example infrastructure, what really can happen in a quarter

Recently US President asked SEC to study - stop quarterly reporting.

From yesterday, as per my count Bloombergquint has put up two tweets by M&M Group CFO calling for ending of quarterly reporting by Indian companies.

As a retail investor I am for quarterly reporting infact I strongly believe for better transparency and accountability Indian listed companies must report all three P&L, B/S and cashflow statement every quarter.