Realtime Alerts for BSE Corporate announcements

Hi, provides realtime alerts for bse corporate announcements.

This may help in making quick buy/sell decision depending on weightage of news.



If you have any feedback or suggestions please mail to or post here.

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The servers are expiring this month. Please let me know whether this service is found useful. If yes I’ll pay and renew servers for continuation of service.

Hi Sunil,

Yes, it is very useful. Instead of searching each and every company in BSE website for the recent notifications (including quarterly result update, Insider-Trading, demerger, acquistions, etc), we could get all right into our mailbox



Hi Sunil, This has been very useful. We get everything in our inbox so time spent in searching has reduced. Thanks, subba

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Extremely useful indeed.

But I thought this was a service provided by the stock exchange (BSE in this case) and wondering why you have to pay for maintaining the servers?

Pardon my ignorance on this :slight_smile:

Sunil, are you suggesting that individual members sign up on the bsealerts website for getting alerts they are interested in or is this a facility being offered by VP? I registered on the bsealerts webiste only to discard it immediately, because the charges for one of the companies that I selected was Rs. 1700!

Hi Bomi,

BSE Alerts service is completely free and will always be for sure :slight_smile:

It may not be part of valupickr but me being software engineer thought It’s my duty to provide something back to this wonderful forum.

Hi Gurjot,

As of now it’s not provided by stock exchange and I was not able to find any service which provided realtime alerts. does provide but its next day.

Servers are required to run parallel crawlers continuously.

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I checked it out today…impressed by the simplicity of it. Subscribed for it.

Thanks Sunil. Its very handy!


Sunil, how do i enroll for receiving alerts of scrips I am interested in?

Its gonna be nonchargeable for life time, you should have said that long before.

Anyways, now registered, looks interesting.

Thanks Sunil.

1000 users :slight_smile:


Thank you Sunil for


Welcome Anand. Glad to know you find it useful.


Thanks for this wonderful tool.

Have always received all alerts simultaneously with upload on BSE website.

However for Can Fin - Even though I’ve subscribed for the updates I didn’t receive the results alert today in my mailbox. Wondering why?

Hi gurjota,

Thanks for pointing this out. You might have not got emails for any other companies too because there is some email authentication issue going on with hosting server. I am working to resolve that. In case you get any emails please let me know.


Hi Sunil,

It’s wonderful service and we have now got addicted to it. Till now i used to think it’s a service from bse :smile:


Yes Raj. Truly deserves our appreciation.

No longer do we need to log into different sites and time intervals to check if the results have been uploaded. So much time is saved if you have a large portfolio like I have.

Delivered straight to your mobile phone (read inbox)

Brilliant indeed!

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