RE : Technical analysis Sterlite Technologies

Sterlite Tech is ready for huge break out from 5 years consolidation CMP 80.70 as on 29-6-2015

I have attached the chart , we can see how EMA 15 is acting as resistance and Support
If valid breakout happens above 86 level then we may see that stock will touch 120-160 levels in 2 and half year time frame

From valid break out i mean , monthly close above 83-85 as Today is the last day of this month so will be adding if it closes above said level

thanks ajit.

Yes its a good breakout on the charts.

I am still in the observation mode only.

@ admin ,I request you to create a thread for Techo funda analysis so that we can get insight and have privilege to hold some good momentum stocks.

Technically , IPCA has turned higher after six months of consolidation and support. I think accumulation has started happening from 700 levels. It is a good stock unlike strelite Technologies.

I think it will give good returns from here.

Disc: starter position will add more based on price action to be confirmed by results.


IPCA stock gave a medium term trend reversal signal on 31st may in the form of a large white candle, supported by rise in volume. As of today it is trading in overbought zone.

stertech today 102 rs

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Is it still better to hold the stock in the current levels…u mentioned 120 level in two and half years…recent sudden increase made me discomfortable about this stock?

IPCA Rs 860 on its way to previous peak Rs 900/- This rise cannot be due to currency depreciation. There is a fundamental change may FDA issue resolution.