Ravi's Portfolio - Views Welcome

I am relatively new to investing and learning a lot and fast. Still there is a long way to go. Made some decent returns in 2012 and 2013 but then was out of market for a while. Started again in Jan 2015 (I know it is not the best of times to enter the market for decent returns but taking it as challenge). Below is my current portfolio built up over past 2 months. Comments from fellow members are most welcome.

ALSTOM India 1%
Birla Ericsson 2%
Butterfly 12%
CHD Developers 1%
Cantabil Retail 3%
Godrej Properties 6%
Indo Borax 4%
MT Educare 2%
Munjal Auto Ind 5%
ONGC 10%
Revathi Equipment 4%
Tata Steel 12%
Cash 38%

Surprising to see highest allocation to butterfly. Its a screwed company. Would suggest to move allocation to some better names you can find on VP.

I would suggest, Allocate 10% each to repco , gruh , hdfc and hdfc bank …

I would suggest to buy some good quality pharma companies from the 38% cash (on declines) , and exit from tata steel.

Thanks Sunil. Why do you say the Butterfly is screwed. Aren’t other names found here priced too high currently?

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Hi Ravi,

Butterfly sales are on decline. They don’t even get the government contracts they used to get earlier. Also their competitors seem to be doing better than them. The loans are increasing each year.

Hi Sunil

What you say is correct. The govt. orders were delayed last year, and also branded sales did not grow. However the they received 510 Cr. orders from TN govt this January. Anyways the major play has to be on Branded sales and govt. orders will always remain unpredictable. Further the debt grew because of delays in payments from govt. The company has increased its presence to 28 states in 2014 from earlier and has been investing in this. I believe it is a story under development. I may be wrong and I welcome contrary views on my position.

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