Ravi Shankar's portfolio

Gruh Finance 50%
Kaveri Seeds 24%
Sun Pharma 12%
Repco Home Finance 6%
Mold-Tek Packaging 8%

Hi Seniors,
Looking for your views on my portfolio structure. I am planning to take a small position in Shilpa Medicare. I am 25 years old with all money in stocks. No MFs also not holding enough cash :)

Added Shilpa recently.

Gruh Finance +Repco 60%

Kaveri Seeds 24%

Sun Pharma 11%

Mold-Tek Packaging 5%

Shilpa Medicare 4%

I follow a concentrated portfolio approach(80% -90% allocation to 5 stocks) and diversify a bit in microcaps with 1-2% allocations. When ever I feel a need to exit a microcap positon, I would book profits and move the money to my CORE stocks.

1). MOLD-TEK Packaging has given me a 2X return in a short span. Though I am upbeat abt the prospects of this company, I sometimes feel the need to book profits and add money to my core positions. What do you guys suggest?

2). Can I replace Sun Pharma with Ajanta? Here also, I m very positive of SUN for the next 5 years but considering the opportunity cost aspect I am planning to replace it with a solid midcap.

P.S: I am in the initial capital building years and need to build a corpus to experiement various investing styles.

I m interested in experimenting with various Special Situations like Arbitrage ,holding companies like Piramal, microcaps but the limited capital and need to build a capital base, is making me shift my focus back to growth stocks at this point of time i.e A portfolio of 5 Solid growth stories.

Please shares your thoughts and suggestions.