Rattan India Infrastructure Ltd

There is a acquisition going on for Rattan India Infrastructure Ltd by Laurel Eneergetics Pvt Ltd.

I believe they had a fight with SEBI as they wanted to aquire at lower price around Rs 3 per share that SEBI object saying its unfair for minority shareholders and then finally they raised up the price to Rs 6 /- share. (Thats what i remember please correct me if i am wrong.)

Anyways i am just wondering whats this move is all about ? Is is some kind of activism ?
Rattan India Infra has no business of its own they are kind of holding comany and they own majority chunk of Rattan India Power ltd

Anyways if you see Laurel Eneergetics Pvt Ltd already own 39.45 % of the Rattan Inida Infra company.

Are they trying to get 51% of the company with this offer ? If so whats their plan , Is there a opportunity for money to be made here ?

If you look at balance sheet you will lose hope. Just want to float this out here to know if anyone researched about this ?

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i am not sure why markets are excited about Rattan Infra today ?
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If something good going to happen then should it be even better for Rattan India Power Ltd ? That is the real business. Why markets are so excited about holding company.