Rathnakar Portfolio

First of all, thanks Donald, Hitesh and all other Value Pickrs for willingness to share their experiences, their guidance and feedback. God bless you all!

This is my portfolio as of 10th April. Most of them are Value Pickr stocks / well discussed here and are looking expensive. I have 25% cash and 5 years investment horizon to make use of corrections in these. I have not booked profit except partial booking in Astral. Can we expect market beating returns from this pf or does it require a change? What stocks I can let go off to keep a 15 stock pf? Please share your view.

ScripCode Hold Price % Gain % Holding
ASTRAL 138.03 262.9 13.1
ASHIANA 34.44 201.0 8.5
ATULAUTO 116.22 203.7 8.1
VSTTILLERS 378 164.4 7.9
MAYURUNIQ 124.04 140.2 7.8
GRUH 235.26 37.2 6.3
REPCOHOME 322.5 12.5 5.7
CERA 442.72 90.9 5.5
SUPREMEIND 302.75 63.5 4.9
INDUSINDBK 376.56 36.7 4.4
HAWKINS 1937.33 11.0 4.2
PEL 499.5 12.3 4.0
PIIND 241.34 4.8 3.3
GRPLTD 1417.62 -21.4 3.1
YESBANK 377.71 19.0 2.9
ITC 315.96 9.2 2.9
JKLAKSHMI 76.09 61.1 2.8
POLYMED 339.97 45.5 2.6
APLLTD 232.85 17.0 1.8

Hi Rathnakar,

Nice portfolio. You sure seem to have the right temperament for long term investing. Looking at your top 5 holdings, you are totally practicing ‘buy right and sit tight!’.

)- HG

Hi Rathnakar,

It is a good portfolio and I believe it should be able to give market beating returns.

Personally I am not a large cap guy when it comes to a 5 year kind of a horizon and hence can say that may be you can exit ITC. May be you could look forward to exiting GRPLtd too. Can’t comment on couple of them as I don’t know much about them (PEL, Hawkins, JK Lakshmi). Now a days one doesn’t find many portfolios without exposure to Pharma and I see you just have a very small exposure to Alembic :-).I keep some Pharma exposure in my portfolio as I believe that it is a story much beyond Rupee depreciation and has a long way to go. I like to keep it to basics with respect to stocks as I am still a novice and lots to learn. But rising medical costs in western countries for eg: NHS struggling to coping up in UK. Generics is the way they have to go to eventually to bring down their costs (easy for me to see this being in UK).

With respect to trimming down your portfolio to 15 stocks.I think that you will need to see which top 15 do you want to keep as most of them are good stocks.

With respect to 25% of your portfolio in cash, If you have just started constructing your portfolio few months back, then I can understand that you are still deploying cash and hence you still have 25% of your portfolio in cash (remaining to be deployed). But if youare investedsince long time and not just beginning to construct your portfolio then 25% in cash seems to be very high until and unless you are expecting a dramatic fall in the market. This 25% of cash may bring down the overall returns of your portfolio.

That is all I can say!!

Happy Investing :slight_smile: