Rane (Madras) Ltd

Business Overview

Rane (Madras) is in the auto ancillary industry and manufactures Steering and Suspension linkages. The company also setup a Die Casting division in 2006 and acquired US-based Precision Die Casting Inc in 2016. As a result, the company has organized operations as three divisions - Steering & Linkage Division, Die Cast Division and Rane Precision Die Casting.

Overall, the standalone revenue of the company over the last ten years is as follows

09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Sales 349.19 415.50 578.89 663.15 633.06 718.80 770.02 847.05 989.27 1,211.89
SalesGrowth 18.99% 39.32% 14.56% -4.54% 13.54% 7.13% 10.00% 16.79% 22.50%
ProfitGrowth 78.87% 33.88% 36.04% -6.75% 4.38% 11.08% 15.43% 27.33% 39.38%

Rane Precision Die Cast was acquired and turnaround plan is in progress.

Financial Overview

Trends 10 years 7 Years 5 Years 3 Years Recent
Sales Growth 14.83% 11.13% 13.87% 16.32% 22.50%
OPM 8.95% 9.36% 9.47% 10.02% 10.89%
P/E 22.21 17.41 21.48 21.31 9.38

Sales growth dipped in between and is now accelerating. OPM has been steady and improving. P/E of Sona Koyo is 45.17 and Z F Steering is 14.29.

Valuation compared to peers

Comparing to Sona Koyo and Z F Steering

Rane Sona Koyo Z F
ROE 19.03% 10.49% 13.13%
ROCE 17.81% 12.83% 15.33%
ROA 8.13% 5.86% 11.10%
Debt to Equity 1.02 0.72 0.17


  • After a dip in revenue growth between 2012~2015, the company is now growing faster than it’s peers.
  • As the Passenger and Commercial vehicle segments grow, the management expects the growth to continue/accelerate.
  • Profit growth is slightly more than sales growth, indicating improved efficiency. This is also validated by the improvement in ROCE.


  • Turnaround of Rane Precision Die Cast is going on.
  • I think Rane Holdings has increased it’s ownership by using Warrants. This has happened for the first time in recent years.
  • P/E has reduced drastically from >25 at beginning of the year to ~10
  • The volumes are low.

New to investing and looking for inputs from experts

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Will be disrupted with rise of EVs

Do you have any views on how the company plans to manage its debt? Debt to Equity of >1 is not too bad but this is also an area of concern for me. For such small companies, any disruption in market may cause it to be not able to manage its debt and consequently lose control over finances.
Probably thats the reason why the PE has come down to ~10 along with the market correction for Small Mid Cap indices.

Looking at the Debt to Equity ratio over the last 5 years, it has been coming down (after increasing in 2016, due to loans secured for the acquisition)

14 15 16 17 18
Standalone 1.13 1.36 1.74 1.72 1.04
Consolidated 2.07 2.30 1.59

The company has increased the repayment of borrowings over the last 3 years. I am guessing the Debt to Equity ratio would reduce over the next couple of years…

Good analysis!! Any reason why the price fell so much??? Because they have other business which has not fall as much as this business??

Frankly, I am trying to figure that out. The management team is professional and the board is well qualified. There are no pledged shares or other red flags in the financial statements. Factors with could affect recovering growth are (1) the slowdown in the automobile sector and (2) turnaround of Precision Die Casting. But these do not justify such a drop in valuations.

One aspect to consider is the sudden drop in volumes. The only reasoning I have is that low volumes indicate that the stock is not priced correctly.

Update from the last two quarters (ending March and June) and the Annual results

  • Standalone sales saw a drop of 3% and 11% in the last two quarters. It’s down 4% and 13% compared to the same quarter last year.
  • Standalone OPM too dropped from 11% to 10% and 8% and in the last two quarters
  • Consolidated sales saw a drop of 3% and 8.5% in the last two quarters.
  • Consolidated OPM too dropped from 7.5% to 5.9% and 4.4% in the last two quarters

Management has attributed these to the domestic auto slowdown and the turnaround pains of the subsidiary (Rane Precision Die Cast). The company’s products are intrinsic to the auto industry and are not susceptible to disruptions due to the EV shift.
Looking forward, both these factors would be mitigated - the auto sector will eventually rebound and the turnaround is estimated to be complete by 2020. Till that time, I think this script might be range bound with low volumes.

Personally, I have faith in the business and the management. My (amateurish) intrinsic valuation using conservative growth expectations and aggressive discount rates still shows the company to be undervalued quite a bit.

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rane madras has a subsidary in usa called rane die castings which is making huge losses from the time they have taken over the company and thats why rane madras is not able to post profits ,hence avoid buying the stock

as said the stock again crashed badly from 420 to 350 ,there has been a constant selling in zones of 400 to 500 ,if there is selling at such lower levels ,there are chances of stock going back to 300 levels

what if they turn it around? They are experienced players