Ramco system

Thanks for the information.
Could you please provide more details on “New License revenue”?

Insiders are selling and it is a big concern. Is anyone know about existing clients? They have mentioned many big names in their client list.

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Concall notes:

  1. Uptick seen after eight quarters in business
  2. Raised 130 cr through preferenctial allotment which will be utilized
    for repayment of existing loans and to strengthen products, and selling and marketing
  3. At $27.6 million (228cr), booking for the quarter is highest recorded in eight quarters.
    This is 103% higher than December 2021 Quarter and 59% higher sequentially from
    September ‘22 quarter
  4. During the quarter, unexecuted order book was $191 million (1500cr)
  5. Attrition came down by 6% on a trailing 12-month basis, with the trendline
    clearly moving downwards.
  6. HRP is totally subscription based, other businesses would be annuity type
  7. The unenexecuted order book once started to execute will ensure revenue for next 4-5 years. Same will continue as new orders keep coming.
  8. Order writeoffs will continue to happen til next year q3 that is another 4 quarters. So P n L will continue to show losses. However managent aims to initially becoming cash positive, that may take 1-2 quarters
  9. 93 crores of leftover debt would be paid off, and 35 crores of cash left from the raised funds would be used for clocking new orders
  10. Write offs are based on, during the pandemic, lot of orders were stopped, or
    companies went back; so all those things which company recognized because recognizing licenses, and so on. So, once a project is stopped or stalled company is prudently looking at and making sure that they write off whatever they think is not going to revive.