Raman's Portfolio- Review appreciated

Hello fellow boarders. I be very interested to have my portfolio reviewed. Started an year back , I intend to hold for years. Thanks

  1. Canfin Homes : 35%
    Buying Logic : Well managed , Nil NPA , Bright spot sector
  2. Alembic Pharma : 12%
    Buying logic :Steady growth ;defensive play
  3. Aarti Industries – 15%
    Buying logic : Leader in specialized chemicals. High quality pedigree.Capex building complete.
  4. Asian Paints -5%:
    Buying Logic : Market Leader , Gains from falling crude prices.
  5. Axixs Bank – 5%
    Buying logic : Profit making private bank.
  6. Va Tech Wabag – 8%
    Buying logic : Well run Indian MNC , great in potential in water management ;
  7. TVS Motors – 10% : Turn around story
  8. Balmer Lawrie-10% : Good dividend paying PSU ; regular compounder.

I am actively looking to reduce holding in Va Tech (after recent results) & Balmer Lawrie (Laggard) with CCL products and Amnika cotton – or any other suggestios

I think your logic is spot on.

PF Composition is also good with the top half having good allocation and having stocks with good tailwinds.

I own CCL since a long time and am quite happy with the company’s progress. Even in concall management hinted at doing 25k tons from current year’s 20k ton. Plus there are a lot of optionalities which can play out in the stock like successful foray of retail venture, Liquid coffee success etc.

Ambika cotton I dont track closely.

This correction should provide a decent opportunity to re design one’s portfolio, weeding out the least attractive stocks and introducing the better bets.

all the best.

Thanks Hitesh Patel. Do you suggest I increase allocation to Axis Bank (or buy Yes Bank). CCL results had deferred payment that will reflect in next quarter and of course increased capex utility in Vietnam.


regarding increasing allocation to a particular stock and adjusting weightage it would have to be your call. Among private banks there is very little to choose as most of them tend to run as a pack.

CCL post the concall it appears should have a decent fy 16.