Rakesh Kumar's portfolio

I am posting my portfolio here for feedback from esteemed fellow boarders.

1.Dmart - 33% - long term bet, online retail is not yet successful in India.
2.AU small finance bank - 10% - long term bet , more focused on secure lending
3.Wonderla - 20% - long term bet, only profitable company in this industry
4.Uniply Industries - 15% - betting on promoter (keshav)
5.RBL bank - 5% - betting on private sector banking (midcap space)
6.Manapuram - 5% - dividend play, reasonable PE
7.Apollo Tricoat Tubes 5% - betting on new promoter
8. NOCIL - 3% - bet on specialty chemical (china to India migration theme)
9.Motilal Oswal finance 2% - Seems worst will be behind for aspire home finance in next few quarters.
10.Yes bank - 2%- added on recent fail (bargain, contra bet)

Portfolio goal - to generate 15-18% return and survive in the market for long term.

Top 3 are my core portfolio holding which I don’t want to sell for next 10-15-20 yrs, if things goes well, rest of PF holding is based on 3-5 yrs view.

Inviting views from fellow valuepickrs…Open to constructive criticism.!!!

I bought apollo tricoat ,only criteria is it is coming under APL Apollo tubes management Sameer Gupta, Rahul Gupta . existing promoters will become non-promoters. that is the reason they sold in feb. New promoters took stake of 26.09 percent.Company has put its plants at Malur Industrial Area, Bangalore, for manufacturing TriCoat Tubes in three variants with total capital outlay of up to â‚ą100 crore. This product is used worldwide as a substitute for PVC electrical conduit pipes.

Do generally people prefer metal conduits or pvc. I would assume pvc as it carries electrical wiring and will stay in the building over a long period of time and probably last much longer than metal
Besides builders would not like to see prices of materials increasing, metal being more expensive than pvc
Even water pipes are now pvc
I agree good breed of promoters so they probably know what they are doing having been in pipes business and taken Amulya leasing along the same lines and turning it into a large valued company

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Updated portfolio -
1.Dmart - 60% - company fundamentally doing good,weight increased due to run up in stock price + adding in every dip.
2.AU small finance bank - 12%
3.Wonderla - 12%
4.Manapuram - 5% -
5.Apollo Tricoat Tubes 5%
6.GCPL 2%
7.IDFC First Bank - 2%
8. NOCIL - 2%

Added - godrej consumer around 610 & IDFC FIRST Bank .increased holding in dmart.
Exit - uniply,yes bank,RBL, Motilal. Story not playing as expected in uniply and yes/RBL bank so exited