Rajesh portfolio- feedback


I have been investing on/off for the last 10 years, more seriously since 2017. My objective has been to identify companies with significant growth runway ahead, unique ideas etc. rather than safe compounders. In pursuit of this, I am willing to take a certain amount of risk. In the process, I have had losses in counters like Karuturi Global, Jiya eco, GVK etc. But over a period of time, have improved focus on financial health, Management quality along with future potential. I have churned the portfolio a bit in 2021 and booked profit in BEPL, IOL Chemicals, Federal Bank etc. Couple of ideas I was following , but did not move quickly enough in 2021 were HIKAL and RPSG Ventures. I plan to hold most companies for 2-3 years if not more. Please share your thoughts on this.