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Hello forum members!

Its my first post on this great forum.
I started equity investments since Oct’16 would like to share my portfolio for your valuable feedback.

I follow the following investment pattern (in random order):

  • Financials and valuation
  • Past performance of the stock (previous 1-3 year)
  • Conference calls and investor ppt’s to understand where the company is heading in coming few years
  • Product and its demand
  • Reading valurpickr forum
  • Superfcial reading about the impact of govt. policies on the company and sector as a whole.

Based on this, I list the companies in my pf and the one’s which are on my radar.

  1. Eicher Motors = 55%

  2. Avanti Feeds = 8%

  3. Caplin point labs = 5%

  4. Vakrangee = 5%

  5. Laurus labs = 10%

  6. Excel Castronics = 3%

  7. Future consumer = 3%

  8. Sunteck realty = 3%

  9. V2 retail = 3%

  10. Maganagar gas = 5%

Stocks on radar:

  1. Vivid global

  2. Zenith fibres

  3. Future retail

  4. Avenue supermarket

  5. NOCIL

  6. LT foods

  7. Gokul agro resources

Thank you!!

Raj Mehta

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why so heavy deployment in eicher motor? Are you not confident on other picks?

Hi Navi!
I am planing to buy more from my existing pf or add new stocks to reduce my pf’s dependence on Eicher. It was the first stock in my pf and since then I am building my pf.

my suggestion will be not to add stock, 8-10 stocks are more than enough to manage by retail investors. if possible consolidate ur holding and be more confident… Rest I like what you hold. A brief summary on ur reason to buy each stock might help you find gaps in ur research by other members


@rmehta26 curious to know/learn how your portfolio has survived the drawdown. Do you have an updated portfolio now?