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Hi All,

Thought of sharing my portfolio for healthy discussion and feedback. I know I am overweight in IT and have learned one of the biggest lessons in investing. Also thanks to Valuepickr for amazing insights and one of the best forums on investing. One can learn a lot by spending time.

For the stocks where no buying reason is mentioned, it is more or less the same or maybe a borrowed conviction. But at the back of my mind, I am sure these are solid companies fundamentally.

Also specifically would appreciate views on Atul Ltd, Vinati Organics and Tarsons products

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In your portfolio, I see only a very small % from IT. Why do you think that you are overweight in IT?

Hey Rahul,

Your portfolio thread just has a list of companies that you are holding with not more than 5 words thesis.
If you want comment on whether you are doing good or whether your rationale for investing in XYZ is solid then you need to provide a thesis which is more than “consistent compounder”. Otherwise your investment rationale to somebody like me is just a blackbox with no room for comment.

There are dedicated valuepickr pages for each company for which you want views. People who follow these companies share their thoughts there.

Keep up the good work, follow the VP pages of all the companies that you hold and track

Please share rationale for each of your investments. Also, the allocation to some of the stocks is very small (<0.5%). Try consolidating these investments in your main allocations

Hi Satyajit, IT is ~15%

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Yes, sorry I mixed it with Tarsons. Thanks for responding.