Rahul Portfolio

I start investing in 2017 but I made the initial investment based on the news channel suggestion, cyclical shares at the top.
I want to rebalance my portfolio with Large Cap - 50 %, Mid Cap - 30 %, and Small Cap 20 %

Current Portfolio
Portfolio Stocks :
Stocks Net chg. Percentage Allocation
SECURKLOUD -76.7 0.75
JISLJALEQS -68.43 7.45
KMSUGAR -29.78 0.56
UJJIVANSFB -27.77 2.34
RBLBANK -24.68 5.00
TWL -16.58 3.26
COCHINSHIP -10.6 7.85
ITC -4.88 10.93
SWSOLAR -2.64 5.28
BECTORFOOD -2.21 2.88
SUMICHEM -1.96 1.82
EICHERMOT 0.31 2.44
HCLTECH 1.63 3.53
SYNGENE 4.86 2.25
ICICIGI 4.93 2.64
RELAXO 5.32 3.55
HDFCAMC 7.99 5.56
KSCL 9.17 1.05
HINDUNILVR 9.34 4.28
RELIANCE 11.17 5.58
METROPOLIS 24.61 0.76
ALLCARGO 24.95 0.84
LT 30.78 2.25
CAMS 42.1 2.60
POLYCAB 47.75 4.12
STLTECH 59.8 1.77
MEGH 107 4.87
SEQUENT 217.86 1.90
ROUTE 363.71 1.36
PRINCEPIPE 421.9 0.55

I want to reduce my above portfolio from 30 shares to between 15 to 20 Shares and continue to do SIP.
Portfolio Stock Selection :
1.Reliance (Already in portfolio)
2.HDFC AMC (Concerned as QOQ Market share is reducing already in current portfolio)
3.Route (Already in portfolio)
4.Sequent Scientific (Already in the portfolio, what should be exit price)
5.Relaxo (Already in portfolio)
6.Meghmani Organics(Expansion and demerger as value unlocking, looking to exit near 175-180)
7.HCL Tech (Already in portfolio)
8.CAMS (Already in the portfolio, Should I book profit as it runs a lot recently)
9.LT (Already in portfolio )
10.Polycab (Already in the portfolio, what should be idle exit price)
11.Bector Foods (Already in the portfolio, want to shift some amount from ITC into Bector Foods)
12.ICICI Lombard (Already in the portfolio)
13.ITC (Already in the Portfolio)
14.HUL (Already in the portfolio)
15.Syngene (Already in the portfolio)

I am looking to enter into below stocks:
2.Akzo Nobel
4.ICICI Bank
5.La Opala

Want to Play Covid Recovery:
2.Delta Corp
4.Avanti Feeds & Apex Frozen

What should I do in Jain Irrigation, RBL Bank, Ujjivan SFB, TWL, Cochin Shipyard, and 8K miles? My horizon is long-term but no major improvement happening in quarterly results.

How to rebalance between ITC, HUL, and Bector foods? Any Ideas

I am bullish on Metropolis, Dr. Lalpath, HDFC Life in long run but currently, they are seating on high valuation. (Don’t know the covid impact on their business)

Please feel free to provide any suggestion.

Hi Rahul, even I started investing during the 2017 small cap bull market and made all the terrible mistakes that one could make in selecting stocks. Ultimate most of my portfolio stocks were down almost 50-70 and a few even 80-90% it was a very painful phase, at the peak of covid fall my complete portfolio was down about 65% but since then I have managed to get back in green.
Your situation is almost like mine and what I would suggest is to cut your losses in the non core portfolio stocks and allocate those funds to your core stocks. This bull run has given us an excellent opportunity to cut our losses and make decent gains.
The core 15 stocks that you have selected have some very good picks like ITC, HUL, Syngene, Polycab, CAMS, Sequent. I would suggest you to let your winners run and instead keep adding on to them until some fundamental issues come up. Let the winners compound and sell the losers early is the most important thing that I have learnt from this experience.


I am planning to reshuffle my portfolio,however I already have some but also planning to rebalance the weightage

Stock Name Weightage Sector Dividend Yeild Reason to invest
ITC 10 FMCG 5.15 Reasonable valuation,Demerger can be value unlocking play,expecting 15-20% annually here by considering dividend
Cochin Shipyard 10 Construction 4.39 Current Capex plans are expected to be done in 2023 after that highly chances of stock rerate.Negative - Capex projects are running late
Polycab 8 FMEG 0.53 Sector tailwind,growing at good rate and contra play to realty sector
Prince Pipe 8 Pipe 0.55 Sector tailwind,growing at good rate and contra play to realty sector
Syngene 8 Pharma 0 Inhouse manufacturing can be turned into a big opportunity and highly chances of mony inflow in R&D
CAMS 8 Platform 1.61 Direct beneficiary of Mutual Fund industry growth
Negative β†’ Need to track the competition from smallcase
Megh Fin + Megh Org 6 Agro + Chemical 1 Mangement growth guidence looks good,having buying from low level
Vaibhav 6 Platform 0.65 Highly bullish on platform business,business can be easily expandable in other origins, can give good returns
Mastek 6 IT 0.56 Cloud opportunity,inspired by Sahil analysis
IEX 6 Platform 1 Again higly bullish on platform business,competitive management and their aim to create a integrated power platform business.
Negative β†’ Platform business are highly disruptive in nature, need to continue track the risk associated,[Government policies,competitors MCX,PTC stance]
Sequent 5 Pharma 0.2 Need to track how they scale the business in future
Clean Science 5 Chemical 0 Company is growing at good rate,huge capex plan from interal accurals,got from IPO plaaning to add few more bucks and sit tight
TWL 4 Constuction 0 looks turnaround happening in comapany,can give quick returns.Negative - Cyclical business
SW Solar 5 Solar 0 Company has not done great in near future,but bullish from long term perspective,
Route 5 Platform 0 Got from IPO price

Sector Wise allocation

Sector Weightage
Platform 25
FMEG + Pipe 16
Construction 14
Pharma 13
Chemical + Agro 11
IT 6
Solar 5

Please share your views @sahil_vi @Tar
I am expecting 22% - 25% returns considering the dividend.

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