Radhika Jeweltech Ltd Can be a good bet for long Term Value investing?

Company Overview
Radhika Jeweltech Limited (RJL) is a retail jeweller that
specialises in gold and diamond-encrusted jewellery.
Radhika Jewellers, a proprietorship firm that was established
in 1987, got listed on BSE SME Platform in 2016. RJL
does business out of a jewellery shop in Rajkot, Gujarat.
Since the system’s inception, the company has only sold
jewellery that has received the BIS Hallmark certification,
choosing for this certification instead.

Financial Overview
In comparison to FY 2021, when it was 137.42 Cr, the total income from operations increased by 69.3% to 232.78 Cr in
FY 2022. EBITDA increased to 37.19 Cr for the year from 30.04 Cr the year before. PAT was 27.06 Cr, as opposed to the 22.62 Cr, reported in FY 2021.

Second New Showroom Opening
New Retail Showroom
at Rajkot city of Gujarat from 4th November, 2022.

Profit & Loss Since 2015 onwards -