Quiz time

NAME ME: I have revenues of 1000 cr. I have a brand new 3 million ton cement plant. I am in CDR. My market cap is 100 crore and I am in CDR.

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One more: name me: I have investments of 1500 crore which could be woth more. I would do NP of 190 crore this year and my market cap is also 1500 crore

First one is Murli Industries

I though that was a tough one

is 2nd one a holding company

It a financial

Is it SREI infrastructure finance

Would confirm after more participation. Meanwhile answer this one: I have the third largest reserves of gas in country after Reliance and ONGC. It could be second largest poat estimation

You are right and its up 15% today

Markets are strange the way prices are going up for LT financial, United Spirits, Tata coffee, SREI infra ,TV Today and analysts are giving new targets.

Thematically I would say yes