Quitting forum less freedom to ask queries

I came here to solve my queries, but after getting every post removed decided to quit this forum, I have always asked related to invested, cause my doubt different than you, you can’t just keep removig my post, quitting this is not forum for my queries. Bye.

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You have not quit…right? Don’t quit. I also felt the same way when I joined. This is not a paid site where answers are given to specific questions(I don’t know what your queries where). Nevertheless most of the FAQ’s are answered in various threads. One has to really put in lots of time to get the answers. Usually most of the generic questions are answered. Specific questions can be asked in the concerned thread. But don’t expect to to be spoon fed. This site is a treasure trove for retail investors, provided one is willing to dig and apply that to our specific situations. This site needs investors of all caliber including novices like us. When experts see our silly questions they realize the need to make it simple. Just hang on…


I looked at the posts deleted & found only two of them :

Post No. 1.
“When I wanted my 50 acres,
instead of buying the 50 acres I wanted, I bought 87 acres. I think abundantly
because life is abundant. There is plenty of land out there. I bought 87 acres
for $115,000 and since we all know that good things come in small packages, I
chopped it up.
I knew that 30 acres would sell for $215,000. So, I gave the seller a note, an IOU,
that promised to pay him in a year. Nothing today. It was a no-money down deal.
I then surveyed the land, which cost me $1,000, and chopped off 30 acres. I then
sold those 30 acres for $215,000. I put $100,000 in my pocket, gave the seller his
$115,000 and I got my 57 acres for free.”

Post No.2.
“Hello I am new here, I tried to search d-link India but got no result, I am a very small investor, I am invested in d-link India more than year, from last year the prices have fallen almost half, I couldn’t find out the reason for such huge fall, please anyone help me to find out ? Now I have sold half of my stock.”

While first post was irrelevant to the equity investment & the second one was an already existing thread which you created without searching.
It seems you are crying foul for not getting much attention here.



Unfortunately, with the advent of technology, majority of the world is being gripped with a handicap of getting spoon-fed answers, as the mind finds ways of escaping & substituting the hardwork of research.
The “Why’s” & “How’s” are slowly losing their relevance.
Very few people persist to put in their efforts & ‘contribute to all’.

If @MeetSugat would have taken his post deletion in a positive & constructive way, he would have preferred to correct what is wrong., & thereby put more efforts in his research & contribute.


These almost feel like random questions that a very whatsapp’ish in style and by someone who is possibly visiting valuepickr for the first time (joined Jul 21).

Guiding him to the pinned welcome threads may help? Making statements about the potential intent of a user, say for attention, may not be as constructive?


i feel that it isusefu lsite for very intellectuals rather than new babies.
just it is my thought.

This is a forum for the passionate and eager to learn and contribute for the benefit of others.


@MeetSugat, I have exactly the same feelings as mentioned by Sajji John above. Still would like to make a few points.

If you are patient and follow many of the threads, you will understand how people are dissecting the stock stories, asking questions, making joint efforts in finding answers which matter, and above all, learning new things in this process. There are all kinds of people in this forum - from high fliers and brilliant ones on one hand and lazy and dumb people (like me) on the other. However, as mentioned by @basumallick, almost all of us are passionate, eager to learn and willing to contribute.

This is not a forum where one can get pampered and spoon fed.
If you believe this is not the right place for you to hang out, your choice.
But why make such hue and cry if you want to leave !


its a fantastic platform nothingelse can match this platform for learners
and seasoned investors alike

I am also new member of this excellent forum.
I really appreciate all great members who really share very useful information. I am happy as I am learning many things through this forum.
Don’t quite have patience to learn

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