Question on cloning:- How to follow great investors

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Had a very basic question on following great investors…is there a simple way where I can find out what great investors like say Sanjay Bakshi and others are buying?

I understand that not all of their transactions will be available but if they are buying more than 5% or so.


I have not found a simple tool yet. Sometimes people post info on the individual stock boards here, moneycontrol etc. You can check quarterly changes in holdings using the moneycontrol shareholding screener though this doesn’t show holdings < 1%.

e.g Dollyji’s changes -

Thanks HG. That is a very interesting link.

This guy tracks many great, and many not-so-great investors. It can be a starting point for finding stocks to analyze deeper.

This guy also does some tracking -


I am attaching a excel file. It shows investment changes since last 4 qtr by all big investors/fund/FIIs for all companies listed at NSE.



There is a problem while I was trying to attach the file. Please drop me a mail at, I will forward it to you.



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Attached is the extracts from BSE website of Shareholding Pattern of companies, it includes both public shareholding (above 1%) and Promoters shareholding.



In a raging bull market, like the one we are in currently, almost everything is running away. I have found the jhunjhun site referred above to be the easiest to follow. He keeps a constant vigil and almost everything in that site runs up (I mean, in the relative sense). Alembic, RS, Wonderalla, Force, …even perennial cyclical stocks but picked by wizards like Kohli move up eg Prism cements, HSIL (average results but I-day effect propelled it!!). Dolly khannas of the world are difficult to follow and this site gets the update as quickly as feasible

Did anyone find anything good and upto date for this? was wondering we can try creating small tool to track it. We can fetch filings from BSE, have list of renowned investors we want to track and see their buys/sells into it. For example, see latest jumps in Atul Auto, Goldiam after such news. Please let me know if anyone is interested building such tool along with me and whether it will be worth it to build for our community.