Queries to Investor relations


I want to understand are there any guidelines/rules regarding writing to investor relations of a company. Say, i want to reach out to a micro cap that doesn’t do analyst concalls or IPs. And i want to ask questions regarding business in capacity of an individual investor.

Is the company obliged to reply to me?

Won’t this create information asymmetry in the market if they do reply since some investors will have more information than others?



“As per best practice and in line with SEBI’s Report on ‘Disclosures pertaining to Analyst Meets, Investor Meets and Conference Calls’ which clearly brought out that, Company during one -to-one meeting with select investors shall not disclose any Unpublished Price Sensitive Information (UPSI) as shareholders who do not attend these meetings, are not privy to the information shared with a select group of investors, thereby creating information asymmetry among different classes of shareholders.”


You should know what kind of information is price sensitive and what is not. What we perceive as beyond our individual investor status may not be the case always. So I think it is better to write to the company and ask questions, and if such information should not be disclosed, the company will reply accordingly. Better to kick the ball in their court, than assuming the ball should not be kicked at all.