Q: email notifications on new topics / 'follow' a user


Thanks for a great platform. There is so much of activity going on here, that it is all too overwhelming. I was wondering if someone could help me with a simple question: I’d like to get email notification for new topics that are started. In the settings page I’m able to see an option to be notified on new posts. But that generates too much of volume. What I’d ideally like to do is, get email notification only when a new Topic is started. (If I’d like to follow it, then I will subscribe for notifications for new posts in that topic.). Is there a way to set this up?

Thank you.


Judging by the lack of response, I trust that such a mechanism as asked above does not exist.

One more question:
We currently have a system to ‘like’ posts. Is there a way to ‘follow’ users as well? IOW, if one finds that we like a certain posters analysis/posts, is there anything in the settings, which will allow me to get email notified of all posts of that user?

That way, you can also have under that posters user profile, the number of followers. Just like you have badges and so forth. (Edited the post title accordingly).

In effect, what I am asking for is the exact opposite of muting a user.


Good points… in fact I would also love both these features :smile:

Thanks for posting this question. Was about to post this question as a different thread and the forum software suggested this thread (nice feature). I like postings of top contributors like Hitesh, Ayush, Donald etc. I would like to get notifications whenever they post something on this forum. Would love to have “follow user” feature.


Reviving this query.
Pl confirm if there any mechanism to follow a person just like a topic is followed.

@Donald can help. Please add it. It would be a great help

@madanvl010 thanks for the prod


Hi Pratyush,

Let’s review functionality/feature requests like this and add to VP forums Roadmap.
Functionality-Request Category created, so members can raise “sorely-missed” feature requests :grinning:


Is there a way to follow a user in Valuepickr. Somehow I coudn’t find it on any user profile to follow.
Kindly help me if you face this kind of issue.


I have not tried but you can do a simple Google search with the username and the site for a particular time period, but I am not sure about the results generated because of time period condition involved.

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Following user feature with getting alert alerts for new posts will be very useful feature… Request @Donald to implement it at earliest

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Yes, @Donald please consider as a very desirable feature

i’ve added the users which i want to follow, in a bookmark folder in chrome.
the url to follow a particular user can be something like below.

Profile - ayushmit - ValuePickr Forum

just add all the users whom you want to follow in a chrome bookmark folder and then open entire bookmark folder by pressing “Ctrl” & Left Click.

A little troublesome, but a “workaround” till “follow user” feature is incorporated.