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Hello Puneites. I was thinking if anyone would be interested in forming a group and meeting across on a regular basis (once a month?), wherein we pick a company, prepare a presentation and discuss in detail.



I like the idea. We can meet once a month.

great. lets wait & see the response on forum first.

It is a good idea. I am in

I am IN . may be we can think of whatsapp group first to get going . thanks .

good idea. lets see how many people are interested and then we can decide

good idea. I am interested

great idea. I am interested

Good go ahead I am also interested

We can make it online meet,rather than going and meeting…

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Hello Ronny thanks for creating this topic. I’m definitely interested. I’d like to create a WhatsApp group, if you don’t mind and post the link to join here.
What do you say?
What does everyone one say?

  • Yes
  • No

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Interested …please make WhatsApp group for the same

Great initiative. I am interested.

Please join using this Link

**Link deactivated now as we’ve reached the limit already **

Please don’t mind if I close the group after we reach ~30 members or by 10 pm on 7th Nov ( tomorrow) whichever is earlier
Because I feel with 30 members we have control to moderate the post and avoid clutter. And I’ll create and share a list of “Best Prcatices” for the benefit of others

Thank you

I am interested in meeting

hi i am interested…nice idea

Yes. I am interested.

i am interested in group … lets start with whatsapp group and then plan monthly meeting… thanks

thanks for creating group. have joined

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