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I know I have bought many shares in overvalued zone, but I have entered the markets very recently. Also, I have a good risk appetite as I am 22 only. Suggestions are welcome.


Hey Pratamesh!
Good selection of stocks.
Maybe a banking stock will strength your portfolio

Thanks! I am looking for one banking stock. It’s just that I am unable to find one with a strong moat.

In banking there is no word like “moat” you need to track them quarterly basis and in the end every bank can have same strategy but all the things come on management how they get implemented

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Updating my portfolio.

Have learned a lot during last few months; Accordingly, have changed the strategy & approach. Sold some stocks in loss. Some sold in profits as well to have some mental comfort.

I am invested in mutual funds, SGBs & debt instruments as well; the percentages mentioned above are of direct stocks portfolio only. Stocks portfolio is about 30% of overall portfolio.

Will update rationale behind decisions as much as possible.

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  1. Deepak Nitrite : Well, everyone knows pretty much about this one. Wouldn’t go into much details. Capex coming live is a near term trigger. Management is trustworthy, good capital allocation & “Capital Management”.
    Currently, commodity prices are going down; will keep a keen watch on the commodity prices & its effects on the business.

Allocation will come down, as I intend to buy Embassy, IEX & IIFL in coming months.

  1. Redington : Huge distribution network. Well diversified portfolio of business in terms of no of partners, geographies & brands. Management understands risks to the business very well & is aware of how to navigate through these risks. Business mix will gradually shift towards higher margins as cloud & services revenue share increases. Mr Rajiv Srivastav (formerly at IEX) has recently joined. Business may ride on broader shift in IT spends towards Capex-to-Opex /as-a-Service driving demand for Cloud. The management is strategically focused on transformation from the traditional business model to the flexible, customer choice model. The numbers are also reflecting in the recent results. IMO, cloud will be significant portion of the business from 2025 onwards.
    Dividend payout is pretty handsome & currently available at attractive price. May buy more in coming days.
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  1. IIFL: NBFC sector recovering, may enter into tailwinds. Disruption in gold loans. Co-lending yet to be played out; seems like a very interesting business model. Good ROA & ROE for a NBFC. Microfinance may pick up as well with the recovery of over all economy. Deeply undervalued.
    Planning to buy more in coming months.

  2. Embassy: Leading presence in key office markets with occupiers from high-growth technology and services sectors. Multiple embedded growth levers such as contractual escalations, mark-to-market rental reversions, on-campus development, low leverage, etc. High margins, growing at 25%, management delivered good numbers (as guided) despite covid-19, debt-to-ebitda 5.5, Loan to value 40%, Stable cash flows.
    Planning to buy more in coming months.