Prateek's portfolio

Hello, My name is prateek and I am 38 Year old,
Thanks to valuepickr forum for providing such a great platform,Always looking to learn more from everyone here and help where i can
Here’s my portfolio

Company Name

  1. Pix Transmission
  2. Gold Bees
  3. IT Bees
  4. Rolex Rings
  5. Hariom Pipe
  6. Gujarat Fluoroch
  7. Shivalik Bimetal
  8. Mirae MAFANG ETF.
  9. Best Agrolife
  10. ITC
  11. Nifty bees
  12. Bank bees
  13. Fine Organic

I would like to have suggestion of fellow boarders about my portfolio

It would be awesome if you also document the rationale for buying each of these…

Also pay attention to position sizing in general

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Seems to be a good long term portfolio except Best Agro Life ( we find lot of red-flags there)

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Very happy to see that you are relying on the ETFs which is the right way to invest when you are young while working full time somewhere to do wealth creation. It is best to add them in SIP mode, but it has to be done manually cause SIP with MF is easy, but not so with ETFs as far as I know. This is problem with ETFs around the world, although Robo-Advisors are starting to attack that problem for the smaller investors (in the US).

Your portfolio has some good stocks also within multiple sectors, and assuming this is not a trading portfolio it is best to pick the best of best, some large and small caps (mix) and hold them for a while.


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