Prasad's concentrated portfolio

Hello Friends,

I have been following VP forums and find it insightful. Here is my portfolio as of now.

  1. MCX
  2. DHFL
  3. Exide
  4. Cox & Kings
  5. Raymond

I prefer to have a fairly concentrated portfolio for long term (5 to 10 years. Hopefully, never have to sell them). I would like to add about 3 more stocks to the portfolio. Would appreciate if you can suggest with stocks

  1. That are not in limelight (as of now)
  2. Some sort of moat/specialization (& should not be pure price takers)
  3. Relatively OK promoters. Need not be famous. But should not be crooks.
  4. Should not be overly dependent on Govt. policies for growth/gains
  5. Have a good Margin of Safety

Plan to add couple of more, if I find stocks with conviction. Look forward to your feedback.


Please read the threads on VP and select stocks based on your own study and conviction.

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