Pranjal’s growth portfolio (next 5-8 years)


Hola everyone!
I am still a newbie in this investing world and its been only a year since I started learning ABC of stock market. With my limited experience however and few months of screening and company hunting I found about 25 companies which can grow 15% CAGR over next 5 years.

Objective of the portfolio-

  1. consistent growth
  2. lower risk and higher returns


  1. constantly increasing revenue, EDITBA, and EPS over last 5 years
  2. stable company with low debt
  3. industry analysis
  4. future growth plans based on annual reports and investor presentations


Please give your feedback and any suggestions on how to improve my portfolio ( I am a high risk taker investor).

PS- my allocation in EV sector would be minimum as I feel EV boom is still 5-10 years in future.
I’ll be aggregating these stocks on every dip while following every quaterly result.
PPS- It is ather bikes in hero motocorp. :slight_smile:


I was mainly focusing on small cap and mid cap stocks which have more growth in terms of revenue and gaining market share.
Companies like Dabur, TCS are quite stable and I think would be amazing for portfolios focusing on retirement or longer time( 10 year horizon or more).
That was my thinking while making this up. :sweat_smile::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Good to see a young aspiring doctor focus on investing. Best of luck to you on this part of the journey.

You have a good collection of companies in your portfolio with sound logic.

One piece of suggestion. Look out for places where there is a chance of positive surprise springing up. These are instances where maximum money is made. I think currently out of favour sectors like psu banks, autos, auto ancillaries, covid affected sectors like hospitality, retailers etc could be the places to look out for.

Even if you stick to whatever you own for the medium to long term, you should do well.

regards, hitesh.


Thank you sir for the advice! Really appreciate it! :heart:

Hey Pranjal,

Another relatively new investor here. Great to see that we have some overlap in stock selection and criteria. In the advice I have gathered from seasoned investors, I have often heard about using FCFF and growth of FCFF as another factor to look at while screening companies. Might be something to look into.

Best of luck on your investing journey!

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Adding RADICO KHAITAN in the portfolio… Showing great revenue growth and YoY returns. Adds some FMCG diversification as well.
Any comments on radico?

Hi Pranjal,

The following are what I try to do

  • Keep the portfolio concentrated with few companies in few industries.
  • Stay away from Capital Intensive companies producing lower return on Equity.
  • Stay away from Management with poor track record and companies that horde cash.
  • Buy companies with a good track record and stay long term.

Hope it helps.