Pradip's Portfolio - Here to learn from you all!

Hi Everyone!

I have been silently reading valepickr in my free time for over a year now. And I truly appreciate the depth of information here. Finally, I mustered the courage to set up a account and share my portfolio with you all. I have been investing since May14 (which coincides with Modi coming to power!). Below is how my portfolio stands as of today -
My core portfolio (~75%) is concentrated in 6 companies
Indraprastha Gas - 20%
Yes Bank - 19%
HDFC Bank - 17%
Page Ind - 8%
Marico - 7%
Lupin - 4%

Then I have small holdings in the following companies -
NBFC/MFI (Capital First, Dewan, Gruh, Ujjivan, Canfin) - 8.5%
Atul Auto, Aurobindo, Kitex, Vmart, Amara Raja, Ashiana, Mayur, Treehouse - 16.5%

If I share little bit of my investment philosophy -
I am an ardent fan of Mr. Buffet and have read through a lot of books on his investment philosophy (The new buffetology, the essays of warren buffet, how to pick stocks like warren buffet etc.). So like Mr. Buffet, my core portfolio tries to stick to the following check-list -

1.The company commands competitive advantage (brand loyalty, monopoly etc)
2.The product/service is recession proof and people will buy them no matter what
3.The company doesn’t have to invest lot of money in research and innovation
4.The company has been consistently growing EPS and commands an above avg. RoE/RoA
5.The company carries negligible debt on its balance sheet and promoter’s shares are not pledged
6.The company does not face labor problems
7.The company has a honest and trustworthy management.

And for my non-core portfolio, these are companies for high growth in my understanding with good management. And I have zeroed on them thanks to the healthy information I picked from Valuepickr ! So I am cautiously betting on them and slowly increasing my exposure on them overtime. However, at all points of time, I want to keep my core portfolio concentrated in 6-8 stocks and the rest can float around.

Of particular mention, I should admit that Treehouse has been a big time blunder for me. I have lost 95% of my money on it ! I overlooked some of the serious warning signs at the time of investment (equity dilution, promoters shared pledge etc.) and took the plunge :slight_smile:

Please have a look at my portfolio and share your insights. Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi Pradip,

          I'm attracted to your Buffet approach to value investing. Can you provide an update on the current status of your portfolio? I'm a novice, trying to build my portfolio and would love to learn from your insights.