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I am a software professional & have been investing a fair %age of my monthly salary of late for last 9 months. Following is my small portfolio of around 55000 rupees.

Looking for review & initiating a discussion from fellows on VP forum.

Last 3 stocks of my portfolio, which are the majority, I’ve accumulated those during Feb & March when they lost quite some value during market correcction.

Prestige is one of the first stocks & has been bought from conventional stock tip & now I regret it. Luckily it’s hardly any money. Now that when I subject it my method of analysis, it is a shit stock for me & anyways I’m not enthusiastic about real estate.

Looking forward to comments & critique.


Your allocations are off since it has too much in the bottom 3 stocks. Unless you have a plan, conviction, and have done your homework thoroughly, I would venture to say that you should rebalance. Most investors have these kinds of issues, so it is not uncommon, but you definitely want to do a bit of balancing efforts.


That’s a great insight. I never looked at my portfolio that way.
Part of mis-balance is that, I really like the bottom three stocks & accumulated them heavily during Feb. & March, when they corrected. To generate cash for these buys, I booked quite a profit on ACE at 30% in 2 months & removed a loss making stock (which I had again bought on a stock tip :frowning: ).
But yeah, now I think I’ll get back to re-balancing.

Thanks a ton.

Dear @pbd,
In my humble opinion, it might be a good idea to consider selling stocks in each you have low conviction. Because a very small holding in a stock won’t benefit the portfolio. I don’t intend to suggest a concentrated portfolio. But, increased allocation to some stocks per your conviction could be done.

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Thanks @shreys.

Even I want to sell off a few. I’ll get rid of Prestige Estate & ACE. Those are the only low conviction stocks in my portfolio as of now. Prestige estate is down by 1% for me. I’ll get get rid of it moment it hits 0%. I’ll use the remaining to balance my portfolio.
Also, I’ve been reading up on NBFCs & FMCGs. Will start adding them to my portfolio soon.

All the above stocks will be hit badly during a down market. I would advise you to get a financial advisor for you to compound your capital on a long term basis.

Well, a sort of answer I was looking for @saravananb1994 . As far as getting a financial advisor is concerned, I’m not really interested as of now (read my portfolio is too small).
It would be great if you can use atleast one example that makes you say so. I’m not saying it is a solid portfolio, but I can’t see what is wrong. Once example will go a long way in helping here.

Without getting into stock names, I would recommend you to have well diversified group of steady compounding large cap stocks. Thereafter, you could gradually improve your allocation to small and midcaps based on fundamentals and valuation.

@saravananb1994 I would read your answer as "de-risk your portfolio a bit as it hardly has large caps & a lot of mid and small caps."
I read a similar response on this forum on a portfolio Q&A. Thanks. Will do.

Hi Prabodh ;
It is humble advice to put small rational or 5 points for bullish and you must have bear in your mind it is suggested to write 5 bearish points , Another suggestion to be unimmotional to your stocks sell if falls below 10% it set your loss % and same kept a set target of exit . Entering is always very easy but to control your greed or expection you must choose your target exit .Capital allocation is a pivotal for success (j am learning and bad in that ) try to find the front runner and beaware of quality of your data that you analyse for any given stock
Best way to learning is section where VP shared their mistakes in stock market mistakes takes your capital and as a law of economics Your Money is finite and opportunities are unlimited Choose the stock that suits your temper and your knowledge Don’t be lured by expert advices another section is top 5 books to read and when you search this beautiful community you will enriching your knowledge last but the most important is the case studies in resources section are pure mine of gold
Best wishes YOU can not became Warren Buffet or Jhunjhunwala but YOU can be your BEST version

More over your total is not summing to 100% of your portfolio???am I missing something???


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Sure. Will update my question to add details.
Luckily none of my stocks have ever gone below 10%. My lowest is actually 8% – TVS in late Feb to early March. I’ve been reading a lot of VP & still reading. Thanks for your advice @yourraj.

Yes, you are correct. Moreover, I am skeptical about the stocks in your portfolio. Without getting into intricate details, find a way to compound capital by taking less risk.

Sure. Advice taken.
Just to add, I’ve a mindset of taking on risk, cuz I’ve very less to lose (as of now). Also, I’ve ensured my portfolio companies have healthy financials, so I’m not losing my sleep on anything. The one’s that I’m actually worried about, I would offload them soon.
But yeah, thanks for emphasizing on lack of large caps in my portfolio. I’ll calculate my next set of investments while keeping large caps in mind.