Prabhakar Technical Journal

I will be posting here my technical chart and opportunities journal. I will be using a weekly long term chart for it. Your views, ideas are welcome to refine/re-evaluate my though process.


**Rites - All time high breakout **

All the high breakout with decent volumes on weekly chart.

Disc: No trades initiated.

13th Oct 2022 - Updated chart post the breakout, quite a nice move !

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HI All,

Above were all the charts from last week ( based on last week’s closing ). Please advise your views. I will continue to post it end of this week for the current week chart setups.


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**Lemon Tree - All time High breakout on weekly **

Lemon Tree breaks out on all time high closing price on weekly price. Volume accompanied with the breakout are not high though. will be looking for retrace to breakout zone to review the option of taking a trade.

Disc: No trade initiated.


Seeing your info for the first time. While I do breakout trading it’s so far time-based, like price highest in 100 days etc. What you are doing is slightly subjective, isn’t it? I mean, one man’s cup with handle will be another’s twin triangles or something? Anyway, happy to note your efforts and happy there is no day-trading or trading for a few days etc. Pls continue your help, I appreciate it. BTW, you say in each case that ‘no trade initiated’. Meaning, you await some clinching proof or conflict of interest?

thanks for the feedback. actually at the moment i am doing more of paper trading. I am long term investor, and plan to do also technical based trades on long term charts. However i am still awaiting a separate account opening process for my technical trades, and want to keep my technical trades account separate from my long term investing portfolio. ( i live in europe so getting the account opened in India is time consuming ). I am expecting that around Dec timeframe this year i will be able to place actual trades on my separate trading account, and by that time i will try to mature more of my approach and system through these paper trades. I identify setup through a software code that i wrote, and trying to make it more accurate also. You are true that on on different time frames the setup are different. I have been studying/observing charts for last 10 years, and i like the long term charts for more accuracy and not getting trapped in short term volatility.

**Chalet Hotels - all time high closing breakout **

All time breakout in Chalet hotel. all hotel stocks are showing breakouts, similar pattern was observed in lemon tree hotels.

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**SJVN - cup and handle breakout **

cup and handle breakout on a long term time frame.

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Tata power - head and shoulder pattern

Attempting a head and shoulder pattern. A break below the line will confirm it.

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Look at this nice move after the initial breakout.


This was discussed in some group last week.
Anyways It is always better to give with levels both upward and SL. Just if you can.

Autoline Industries - Bearish Pin bar in the weekly chart with huge volumes

A setup of bearish trend through pin bar in the Autoline industries weekly chart. The volumes are huge. The major support level if the low of this bar gets broken is depicted in the chart.

Another level of confluence in the chart if we do more zoom-in is that this is the top at which the price has rejected several times.
The confluence on major top resistance level, bearish pin bar, and accompanied volumes suggest a strong setup.

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**Phoenix mills - Bearish outside Bar ( Bearing engulfing) on weekly **

A bearish outside bar on weekly of this chart, suggesting a possible trend reversal. If the next week price will break the low of this bar then this bar will come into effect. the levels are marked in the chart as well.

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Kopran - Bullish patter on weekly - 21-Oct-2022

Kopran has a bullish outside bar on the weekly chart, which suggests a reversal pattern towards bullish side. What is also good about this bullish pattern is that it has occurred at 61.8 fib retrace which is a strong level for reversal patterns. also the volumes are quite good. Confluence of all these parameters indicate a good setup.

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