Prabeesh Portfolio

hi sagar, even a well diversified portfolio can deliver good returns. a great example is walter schloss - 21% per year for 47 years!

Added few more to the list and waiting on few stock to correct to make a entry

I am still on 45% cash which is both a boon and a bane in a market like this,,overall markets have corrected but the stock in my radar are not moving down for me to have a MoS of decent level.

Cash 45.80
Amararaja Batteries 5.10
Mazda 5.05
Cholamandalam 6.92
Astral Poly Tec 5.48
Unichem Labs 6.80
Symphony 5.19
Cera Sanitary 5.00
GRUH Finance 1.85
HDFC Bank 6.74
Kajaria Ceramic 6.02

Maybe you wouldā€™ve heard about Ramesh Damani(if not,then check him out) He rues the fact that he didnā€™t have a concentrated portfolio.Otherwise,he could have been a billionaire,just like RJ(Rakesh Jhunjhunwala) RJā€™s portfolio is highly concentratedā€¦the top 4-5 holdings constitute more than 50% of his portfolio(not possible if you assign less than =10% to each) There is an excellent discussion about this on Valuepickr: ā€˜Capital Allocationā€™.Hope that helps.

The disadvantage of a diversified portfolio(more than 10 stocks) is that one has to always ā€˜processā€™ a lot of data.So,tracking all of them at a time maybe a bit tedious.Secondly,if one has conviction in some story,why not go overweight? A diversified portfolio reduces risk but dilutes returns.Exceptions are always there though. :slight_smile:

Lot of changes but all inline with my expectations.Recntly added Astral when there was 15% correction on a day. I dont just run after 40% growers i also like steady and strong long term 15-20% growers. Also there are couple of of radar stocks(Sabero & Liberty phosphate) in small quantities,When their value is reached i will sell them off,reason for buying them is even if there is short term pain their new management is known for rewarding shareholders(Murugappa group)

Cholamandalam 17.73%
Astral Poly Tec 17.04%
Kaveri Seeds 7.81%
Cera Sanitary 16.37%
GRUH Finance 4.48%
HDFC Bank 10.46%
Kajaria Ceramic 7.21%
Sabero Organics 9.60%
Ajanta Pharma 6.72%
Liberty Phosphate 2.58%

Exited Liberty and Sabero to increase the existing stock positions. Now have a 8 stock concentrated portfolio i think this is the minimum no of stocks i have had since the beginning but i have high conviction in these scrips and will keep adding into these on every correction.

There are many in my watchlist that looks attractive in recent market correction. I will have to build cash before expanding the portfolio. Still undecided on whether to go diversified/concentrated

Cholamandalam 15.65
Astral Poly Tec 15.79
Kaveri Seeds 7.12
Cera Sanitary 20.73
GRUH Finance 3.99
HDFC Bank 20.45
Kajaria Ceramic 6.90
Ajanta Pharma 9.36

I just did a calculation of all transaction from beginning of my stock purchases from September 2010.

Based on the calculation i did a XIRR for the bought and sold stocks.Without the current purchases in my portfolio it stands at 12.86% which if compare with market return of sensex or nifty which stands at 0%(Nifty was 5500 on Sep 1st) looks excellent.

But its way off my target of 20-25%.

The main culprits was the initial years where i had been buying on tips and with zero research.

So i hope i can make it to my lower target of 20% atleast in coming years

Stock Latest %

Ajanta Pharma 18.01% Buy

Amara Raja Batt 3.90% Hold

Astral Poly Tec 12.57% Hold

Cera Sanitary 14.71% Buy on declines

Cholamandalam 6.43% Buy on Declines

GRUH Finance 1.99% Hold

HDFC Bank 8.01% Hold

Kajaria Ceramic 4.53% Hold

Kaveri Seed 6.36% Buy on declines

Mayur Uniquoter 7.09% Buy on declines

PI Industries 7.12% Buy

Poly Medicure 7.07% Buy

Shilpa 2.2% Starter position/Buying /buying on declines

@ prabeesh looks like solid portfolio with solid stocks.

Thanks Gaurav, Hope it stays wellā€¦the % allocation is based on conviction levels)

My Top 3 picks constitute 45% allocationā€¦ i am planning to make my top 5 picks to make up 50-60% of the portfolio with additional investments down the line

Reading my own journey in this short period reveals me how i have progressed. I have learn a lot and have a lot to learn yet. I have come to realization that my method of portfolio building is a concentrated way. I have now 13 stock portfolio with more than 50% in top 5 picks. As my learning improves and conviction increases in certain stock i don't hesitate on loading them up, even at slightly higher valuations (conservatively speaking).

I still hold lot of biases with me which is making it hard for me to get ride of few more stocks to load into high convictions. The hardest part is overcoming this biases but with help of other in here ,knowledge and time , i hope to overcome these sooner than later.

Please provide your frank analysis on my progress and thought process.

Cholamandalam 6.67%
Astral Poly Tec 12.77%
Kaveri Seeds 2.88%
Cera Sanitary 12.59%
GRUH Finance 2.95%
HDFC Bank 6.68%
Mayur Uniquoters 6.55%
PI Industries 6.62%
Poly Medicare 5.47%
Kajaria Ceramic 3.94%
Ajanta Pharma 20.73%
Amara Raja 3.72%
Shilpa Medicare 8.43%

I am no more posting regularly here, i am trying my best to be among the regulars since there are so much happening with recent Goa get together et al. Will try to be more regular. I am publishing my latest composition of portfolio. I have reallocated and have come out of banks to be in cash. Also there are couple more additions than last time.There are few more stocks which are below 3% which i am exploring further to move out or reallocate as i could not develop enough conviction on them.

Astral Poly Tec 7.21%
Kaveri Seeds 1.02%
Cera Sanitary 8.1%
Mayur Uniquoters 5.89%
PI Industries 8.5%
Poly Medicare 7.97%
Kajaria Ceramic 2.19%
Ajanta Pharma 19.67%
Amara Raja 2.32%
Shilpa Medicare 11.09%
Avanti Feeds 4.95%
Kitex Garments 4.31%
Kovai Medical 3.85%

Cash 12.93%

Once in six months updating my portfolio. There are few stock in which i would like to realign the portfolio to reduce concentration but i am not willing to sell those just for allocation purpose.So still pondering on what to do to align less risk of portfolio management.

Current holding

Ajanta Pharma            25.44%
Amara Raja Batt          2.93%
Astral Poly Tec          8.18%
Avanti Feeds             8.80%
Cera Sanitary            8.02%
Kajaria Ceramic          3.12%
Mayur Uniquoter          11.14%
PI Industries            12.76%
Poly Medicure             5.69%
Shilpa                   13.78%

Hi All,
I had moved to USA in 2013 and was not able to keep up with Indian markets during these period , so i went for Mutual Fund route where i just have to check once in a year or so. My portfolio has done reasonably well in MF.

Since i am from IT background, i started investing in US stock once i got there and have done well with concentrated portfolio approach with stocks like NFLX,AMZN,FB,MSFT. I also lost some in IBM,BA,TSLA(yes i lost in tesla :frowning:). But have a nice long term portfolio with few more names like TWLO,CRM,WORK. As you can see since i did not have much time i stuck to my expertise and a concentrated portfolio in IT sector and have done well.

With respect to Indian stocks i exited most of it around end of 2016. I left only three in my portfolio and 3 in my wifeā€™s. but in all it is just 4 stocks


  1. Astral Poly
  2. Cera Sanityware
    3.PI Industries
    ( i have 1 KITEX Garments stock just the 1, somehow i missed selling the last one)
    1.PI Industries
  3. Bajaj Finance
  4. Astral Poly

I think it was a blessing that i did not have time to manage as these have done wonderfully well just holding them, if i had managed it actively i might have chopped these at wrong times.

Astral,Cera and PI are holdings from 2013 and Bajaj Fin was around 2015 i guess. I had moved the funds from Ajanta,Amar raja,avanti,kajaria,mayur,poly and shilpa around mid of 2016 into the 4 stocks i have now and some in MFs

I was going through the portfolio recently to see what kind of damage did Covid do to my portfolio, looks like not much and recovery has been swift, Missed some opportunity during the crash but i was busy adding my portfolio in US stocks.

I am thankful for @Donald @ayushmit @hitesh2710 for finding or giving valuable information on these gems. These have been 10- 100 baggers for me. I think i also did have a good exit on Avanti Feed another fav from Ayush around 2017 end , but i had closed about 75% in 2016 i guess.

I have about 30% cash position in India now, which i would like to explore on new tickers.I am more inclined to add to these 4 stocks but at same time want to get into another 2-3 tickers to keep it around 10 stocks at best.