Potential Stock Manipulation - Cropster Agro Ltd

Product Profile - This company is involved in the trade of chemicals, plastic, and rubber products such as soda ash, acids, bases, bleaching powder, heat reaction chemicals, polypropylene bags, plastic sheets, and plastic containers. Additionally, the company generates income from loans.

Noteworthy Points:

  1. Recently, several retail investors have sold their holdings, and in the current quarter, approximately 20 retailers each hold around 4.82% of the company’s stake, making up the majority of the ownership. This situation raises suspicions.
  2. The stock has consistently hit the upper circuit over the past three months.
  3. The company has 100% retail holding.

It would be helpful if someone could examine the company’s profile to determine if there is any suspicious activity taking place.


I just had a look at it

no sales for a very long time and recently some sales figures arises

and at 2000 Cr Mcap that surely is fishiest stuff still listed

the retailers who bought are surely manipulating
(who would even buy a large stake as a retailer ?)


Good :+1: work. Requires keen observation, great.

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