Posing my portfolio for your precious feedback

Karur Vysya Bank 14%

Axis bank 13%

Astral polytechnik 9%

Supreme Industries 8%

Ajanta Pharma 6%

Mayur uniquoters 7%

Yes bank 5%

ICICI bank 4%

Bata India 4%

PVR 4%

Gujrat reclaim 4%

Relaxo Footwear 3%

Indoco remedies 4%

Repro India 3%

Aarti drugs 4%

LG balakrishnan 3%

Insecticides India 3%

Hitech Plast 2%

Cash NIL

Aim of posting this portfolio is to get some advise/suggestions/feedback from fellow valuepickrs. I will be reallygreat fullfor some constructive criticism.


Ranvir Dehal

Looks quite good. Not too much idea about valuations of hitech plastics or LG balkrishnan but others should provide good returns.

Some interesting names like insecticides, aartidrugs etc cropping up.

Hi Hitesh,

Thanks for your precious feedback.

Hitech plast and LG balakrishnan are basically undervaluation plays(short term bets). Both the companies are presently going through growth glitches. One or two good quarters should provide descent upside gains.