Portfolio tracking app which you like to see in market

Hello Members,

Even though there are too many apps and websites which does the portfolio tracking none of them are good enough. I would like to know what are the basic features which an average investor will look for in such app? your opinions will be useful for my venture and server the investing community

Moneycontrol does a nice job of tracking portfolio.

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Economic Times portfolio tool is the best in my opinion.

Agree to that, ET does a better corporate action tracking that Money Control…

I struggled to find a proper portfolio tracking tool for Indian markets and I still believe there is no tool that can tick all the below options.

  1. Calculation of CAGR by including dividends, profit booking at individual stock level and at portfolio level
  2. Automatic/manual confirmation adjustments for splits, rights, bonuses and dividends
  3. Ability to track the capital we are introducing to the portfolio and reducing from the portfolio and this has to be included in the CAGR calculation
  4. Ability to track multiple portfolios
  5. A listing of all the corporate actions that are submitted to the exchanges in an easily accessible manner
  6. Listing of dividends collected in a financial year
  7. This may not be very important but a nice to have feature - if we havent dont anything since a choosen date, what would have been the value of portfolio as of today
  8. Ability to add futures/options/commodities/fds - again nice to have
  9. Listing of transactions for tax calculation purposes for a financial year
  10. Ability to load digital contracts - this is nice to have as there can be privacy concerns as digital contracts will have lot of sensitive information
  11. Portfolio value should get updated in real time without refreshing the screen manually or in a timely manner (even today, moneycontrol refreshes the screen every few minutes)
  12. Graphs and Pie charts for portfolio performance and composition
  13. Good utilization of screen real estate. I really hate how moneycontrol/equitymaster portfolio tools use their real estate. I have even written to equitymaster portfolio tool and they gave me some stupid justifications in a defensive manner
  14. Ease of use in keying in the data
  15. various parameters of the stock next to each entry such as ttm eps, pe, 52 week high low, net cost of each share after dividends and profit booking, volume, avg volume, moving averages, realized and unrealized gains, dividends collected so far (when we hover over the dividend, it should list dividend per share, dividend percentage, dividend yield, dividend payout ratio), last corporate action,
  16. A listing of all quarterly results, annual results, agms, record dates, ex dates etc in caledar format or ability to add them to google calendar
  17. percentage of stock in portfolio

These are the things that come to my mind and I hope this will be useful to you.

I had myself thought of building a tool some time back but didnt venture into that because of lack of time. Finally ended up with a google spreadsheet which can do somethings listed above. using bsealerts.in to keep track to corporate actions and marking my calendar once I get a alert about corporate actions to keep track of them.

I have prepared a spec for this tool as well (seriously) but I couldnt find it anywhere. I will keep looking and will send it to you if I can find it.


We could always find a programmer and get this made. It would truly be a good subscription service at the right price. Everyone would use it.

I suggest you have a look at equitymaster’s portfolio tracking web based app which I think will cover most of your requirements. They charge a nominal fee for this service. Rs. 330/year if I am not mistaken.

I did look at them and their layout is very clumsy, their usage of real estate on the screen is not good. Attached screenshot of how it looks on a 14 inch laptop. Half of the screen is used for nothing.

p.s: it was a portfolio created for the purpose of testing the equitymaster portfolio tool and not a buy or sell recommendation.

Please check Value Research portfolio tracker. One of the best and tracks all corporate action nicely. www.valueresearchonline.com

Thanks Ashish. Will look into https://www.valueresearchonline.com/ portfolio service.

check marketsmojo.com It has most of features you wanted in a compiled form.

I have also been searching for a portfolio tracking tool that offers features like you listed. Please check askkuber.com. Have been using it for few months now, its really helpful.

Hi Ekveer,

Pretty comprehensive. I particularly find the point no 3 is missed out in all these websites. Could you share your google sheet template?

I have also been searching through all such tools including moneyworks4me, ET and moneycontrol. but all of them fall short somewhere or the other. a new tool customised with inputs from this forum is an excellant idea. i dont mind spending as long as the tool is good.

Click Here to access my google spreadsheet. This is not created by me but I have modified it completely to make it work for me.

I am sharing a view only link and you have to be logged into a google account to save a copy for yourself. Once you save a copy for yourself, you can change it to suit your needs.

I will do my best to answer any questions but most questions can be answered by a simple google search.

I will check marketsmojo.com and askkuber.com.

One issue I have seen with marketsmojo is their use of screen realestate which is a concern for me when I am using a 14" laptop.

Looks like askkuber.com is a paid service and I have to go thru their demo portfolio to see whether it really need my requirements or not before I pay. I dont mind paying but it has to meet my requirements.


Thanks a ton! Appears to be very useful and just what is needed. Let me use it for few days and if I manage to add something or have any feedback…will add here. Thanks once again. Recommended to others. :thumbsup:

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