Portfolio suggestion for parents

Hi … All respected members. I am trying to create a portfolio for my parents with safer stocks. Idea is to do SIP investments. Received some funds on there behalf and have started investing as follows:

1). FD - 10%

2). Land - 33%

3). Gold/silver - 12%

4). Debt funds/bonds - 15%

5). stocks - around 10%

Remaining cash…

Below are the stocks currently invested in:

1). ITC

2). HDFC twins

3). Bayer cropscience

4). Cera sanitaryware

5). hawkins

Please suggest me some good shares. Would be doing SIP investment and would be reviewing only on a quarter basis. Thanks in advance for all your valuable comments.

All your stocks are good. I would suggest to add Page Ind, Gruh Finance & Lupin for long term portfolio.

Hi Jimmy,
Maybe you can increase the weightage of stocks in the overall portfolio to 12-15%.But that’s certainly upto you.You can go for an increase,if you are an active investor.
Your portfolio lacks the IT & Pharma flavour.These sectors have been very good wealth creators in the past & shall do well in the coming years too.So,you can add either a Tech Mahindra or TCS & a Lupin or Glenmark/Ipca.Agro chemicals is a good place to be in & sure,Bayer is top quality.But from a return & even safety perspective,you can also look at PI Industries on any dips.

Thanks Manish & sagar for your suggestions. Yes… I would like to increase the stocks in the portfolio up to around 20% and would like to reduce investments in gold/silver after some time. Bonds/debts will be sold once there is correction in interest rates… Hence was looking for good solid stocks to be invested in. I don’t want to sell any stocks within 1 yr or so. I have page, lupin, tcs,tech mahindra etc in my personal folio… I thought tech stocks and page have run up a bit and is expensive. Kindly share your thoughts. thanks.

Other esteemed valuepickr members please share your thoughts. thanks.

I would suggest Dabur, Gruh ,Indusland Bank,KPIT, Hcltech ,PI,Page Industries for long term investment (5-7 yrs ). Most of them are mid caps , and stable companies.

I prefer Indusland Bank,Gruh, HCL Tech, Dabur,PI instead of HDFC bank,HDFC,TCS, ITC and Bayer. I think somewhere they have more potential to grow fast because of their size and competitive management team. At the same time these are safe and reliable bet.