Portfolio Strategy

Hi Friends

I am trying to figure out the right mix of various investment classes to freeze on a portfolio strategy for myself. Not looking for a stock specific strategy, but at category level.

I have created a few different portfolios to kick off this discussion. Please share your thoughts and help me (and every one else) arrive at the most effective portfolio.

Additionalquestion I am hoping to find an answer to:

#0. What is the right Portfolio mix?

#1. How will you take the current market levels into account, will that effect your portfolio mix?

#2. How do distribute say a lum sum amount (sayreceivedfrom selling another class of asset or bonus, etc) ?

#3. How will you distribute monthly stream of fresh investment money (like a SIP), since stock single stockopportunity might have vanished.

Portfolio Sheet Editable by everyone: I am currently restructuring to get to Portfolio #4.

Few assumptions: All (exceptions below) your investment capital is considered under this portfolio.

Exceptions:House one lives in,Shops / Businesses one owns or haveinheritedthat drives the monthly income.