Portfolio Review

Hello Everyone,

I have joined this forum few days back and have heard about this community from one of my friend. This is great platform for new as well as seasoned investors who are investing in stock market. I have been investing into market from the last 4 years and have gone through fair share of success n failure but till now I find it difficult to understand when and where to book profits. I have a portfolio of some 20 odd stocks and I want a frank opinion from some seasoned investors here. Would appreciate a genuine response on this.

Can Finance
Control Print
Coral Labs
Force Motors
Geecee Ventures
Granules India

JB Chemicals

JBM Auto

JK Bank

Mangalam Drugs

Pincon Spirit - In Loss


Vindhya Telelin

Suzlon - In 50% loss

Lycos - In 80% loss

Lancor holdings

South Indian Bank

Lalit Khurana

Sorry to say but I see lot of potential treehouse n shilpi cables in your portfolio. I know I m sounding harsh but would seriously request to have a relook and understand importance of hard earned money . Note : Have all rights to wrong

Hi Saurabh…I am open to comments on my portfolio and that’s the reason I have made this public on this platform. Would appreciate genuine feedback on this…You are open to comment and do let me know which all duds you see here

Sure @lkhurana. Here are my initial comments -
Geecee Ventures, vindhya , Lycos , pincon : Lot of negative flags. Check respective threads . Some of them I had a level 1 check n things looked so dubious or bad that I did not go to level 2

JK Bank, Suzlon, Trident : Either the history has been poor or they have been commodity businesses with leverage where one bad cycle can spoil lot of things . However, it all boils down the how much allocated and what price paid. So, usually such risky/cyclic/commodity businesses should be purchased with enough margin of safety. JK bank I am not aware in detail but have read that it has a recent poor history and when it comes to financials quality of earnings is more important than growth IMO

ITC can turnout an interesting buy at current levels in large cap. Other stocks I have never tracked and hence would be not be wise to comment

Would suggest to provide your portfolio allocation , purchase price and buy rationale in short summary for each so that forum members can advice better.

The above are my observations irrespective of requested information.


Plz add rationale for all stocks…why u have bought, key points.

As saurabh said, lycos, gc, vindhya n pincon are strict no no.

Jk bank is a contra bet as is suzlon. Though in my opiniin there r much better contra bets in the same vertical than these two.

Trident is cheap but mgmt has got notorious past. They are more like bull mkt promoters. Want to milk mkt liquidity. (Crazy debt levels but have laid plans to raise more …)

Can fin is good but lately suffering due to low growth high valuation syndrome.

Itc is decent with whole fmcg pack firing, though itc’s fmcg vertical contributes nothing to pat at the moment. There is hope though.

Coral …i never understood what r they doing to command such high ebitda margins. They r doing very basic stuff so why 25% margins?

Control print is decent but high working capital requirements due to high inventory.

Jbm auto and jb chemicals are decent companies. Jbm has run up a lot though.

Force motors is good, though i do not like them being such tight lipped. Not a shareholder friendly mgmt.

Managalam drugs - pump n dump case.

South ind bank looks good with improving book n balance sheet.

Lancor…no idea.