Portfolio review - Sunil

Canfin - Fast growth HFC, low npas, Long runway still ahead of HFC’s. Got to enter at reasonable price.
HMVL - Good cash flows, Increase in front page ad spending, Increase in readership. Valuation bit reasonable compared to peers.
Ambika Cotton - Consistent lowering debt, consistent profit growth, trust in management, Somewhat undervaluation.
Atul Auto - Debt free generating good cash flows, petrol and cng versions about to pick sales, good management with good track record.
Oriental carbon & chem - Consistent free cash flows, Increasing radialization, closely guarded technology. Expecting steady growth
Ajanta pharma - No need to explain i think
NESCO - Purely techno funda bet. 50 day EMA crossing 200 day EMA
Motherson - Friend suggested who works in mahindra & mahindra supply department and is closely working with motherson.
PI indus - Technical bet

Gruh Cera - Want to add more but still waiting for suitable entry price.
Indraprasta - Purely technical, resistance broken recently.
BBTC - Holding play (britannia)

Please review and suggest if I am making any wrong assumptions or should I alter any holdings.

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Great Portfolio Sunil. Richly diversified in terms of industries and yet not diluted.
I can only suggest one thing, “Sit on your ass” view (Borrowed from Charlie munger) for this portfolio to compound in years to come.
Are some bets for short term as bought on technical evaluations?

Thanks Vikas.

Ingraprastha Gas, PI ind, Nesco were bought as technical and will hold till technical cues are in favor… Others are picked on fundamentals and for long term.

good portfolio. NESCO should be accumulated on declines. The story is
getting better. If you are based in Mumbai’s western suburbs you will
understand it better.

Thanks @Shivkumar

I have been at NESCO goregaon. Will add on declines.

Current portfolio.

New additions

Infinite Computer solutions : Good free cash flow generating company, undervaluation, consistent buybacks
Manappuram - Decent growing company, Not as highly valued as other NBFC, Wanted to invest in gold loan business model.
Persistent - Company in transition phase, feel could do well going forward, fairly valued
Shemaroo - Increasing revenue from new media platforms supported by ease of internet access, Fair valuation.

Positions exited
HMVL - Long overhaul on Cash. Lost my patience.
Atul Auto - Growth slowdown, richly valued.
Pi Ind - Sold when valuations were stretched. Looking to re-enter

Views invited.