Portfolio Review please!

Can you kindly review my portfolio as given below:

I have invested mainly in Chemical/Pharma as I am pretty bullish on this sector. I have tried to diversify a little by adding some quality names in IT, Consumption and Auto as well

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I am stuck badly in Anuh Pharma and GMM, hoping for exit from Anuh on bounceback.
All other stocks, including GMM are long term (5-6 years) investments. Do not have much cash in hand for any new entries. Looking for your review and suggestions.

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What is your expected holding period ?
How often do you plan to buy and sell (or reshuffle) ?
if pharma goes through consolidation for couple of years, you will underperform severely. How confident you will be if it happens ? or will you sell and move to other sectors ?

For amateur like me, the portfolio seems risky. if you are an expert in pharma or chemical, then it’s different game.


Thanks Surya for your guidance. I am quite bullish on the sector and hence I have chosen mostly the big players so that even if the sector goes into consolidation, I can stay calm. My holding period is at least 5 years and I am not planning to reshuffle my portfolio