Portfolio Review of Shadab

stock name. Asset value (returns)
Kellton Tech 105 K (4 times return)
KDDL. 17.0 K (+5%)
Mallcom India 11.0 K. (+10%)
NCL Ind 09.0 K. (+45%)
Hydro SS. 9.0 K. (+55%)
Ashapura intimate 11.0 K +(10%)
Srs Ltd 6.6 K. (+ 12%)
Rajoo Engg. 6.3 K (+ 10%)
HFCL. 7.5 K (-3%)
JVL Agro 6.5. K (+7%)
Alchemist 6.0. K(+18%)
Avantel. 8.5. K (+7%)
Vidhi dye 17.8 K. (2.6 times)
Bharath seats. 5.0 K. (-5.0%)
Suven life. 18.5. ( 3 times)
ITDL. 12K. ( +60% )

This is not how you post stuff. Please get acquainted yourself with the guidelines and ethos of VP. Don’t setup duplicate accounts. Do your homework. I am being polite. Frankly speaking, your thread is embarrassing.


Dear Shadab,

Whenever anyone points out a flaw in your posts or approach, we don’t go in quarrel mode at VP. We retrospect and try to improve.

Also, you are supposed to write about why you are invested in a certain business (goes for each of your holding). Just putting down a bunch of names is not the VP way.

Hope this helps. Once you have provided sufficient info, it’ll be easier for other boarders to discuss with you.

P.S. - looks like you have two accounts, which is not a good practice.

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