Portfolio Review for Long Term = 6+ Years

Hi Guys,

Such a wonderful community, thanks for all the help in the past I really am thankful for the wonderful insights. I need your help since I am not very experienced in the field of investing.

Below is my portfolio of 6L INR made for the medium time frame (6+ years minimum). Please let me know your targets and if I should exit in any one on an earlier basis. I have made a few mistakes I know, but would like to know the community’s viewpoint on this:



Whats your rationale for having such a huge exposure to dena bank?

Well, that was the mistake I was talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

I have reduced holdings in Dena after the recent downfall in few months and reallocated the capital to other stocks. Still for the longer timeframe I hope the bank gets consolidated and NPA issue gets reduced, will reduce the holdings more in the coming years if things start moving.

You should share your investment rationaale for each of the holdings.

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What was the rationale for choosing those stocks?Did you buy them on the basis of any research report?Any famous investor buying?Or is it something you calculated?People can help you better of you can share some of the story with us.

You seem to have bought everything at its high. What makes you feel that the downside is limited?
Not so long ago, my portfolio looked similar from the purchase price perspective. I’ve sold a major chunk if it and is now sitting on 70% cash to buy when the market falls. For example, my cost price for Meghmani was around 108rs, I brought it down to 101 when it corrected and exited completely around 103. Reasons being uncertainty due to upcoming elections, rising crude and rising bond yield. I’ve realized that I’m not comfortable sitting on huge notional losses and it really helps buying low.

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