Portfolio review and suggestions - G1

Hi All

Its been a while since I have been on the forum, had to sell off all equity holdings to take care of personal requirements. I have slowly started building my portfolio back and below is the current portfolio and rationale behind investing. Please share insights and red flags if any .

Still in accumulation phase, planning to add more to the same stocks when ever there is opportunity and excess funds. Please share your thoughts


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How did you invest in Tata technologies? Is Tata digital also available to invest? Thanks

There are some ways like leadoff where you can buy unlisted stocks like these.
Also, he could be an employee and have got the stock option but for most either can buy from an existing shareholder in an unlisted market or can use some new platforms like leadoff.

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There are many brokers selling these off market. Unvestedzone, altius, rurash etc. You can buy from them easily.

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