Portfolio of a Young Market enthusiast!


This is my first post to this wonderful forum. Have been a regular reader and this has been a great learning source. The detailed research and discussions adds a lot of perspective and helps me make an informed decision. Also its been an excellent source for finding flaws in our investment rationale.

I believe the biggest hall-mark of a Long term investor is a strong conviction in your Portfolio. This forum has provided me that source to learn from experts in building conviction.

Below is my Portfolio with holding % based on Current market prices. Will greatly appreciate all comments and suggestions! Thanks in advance!

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A very good set of businesses. However, you should have a more focused portfolio with proper allocations. Allocating less than 10% of portfolio to a high-conviction bet is hardly meaningful. With the quality of businesses in your list, I feel you have decent skills for stock picking. Hence, in my opinion you should concentrate upon 10-15 top bets to get better returns An insignificant allocation to 25 odd companies would be much harder to track and would probably give mediocre returns in long-term.

Disc: Invested in Meghmani, Virinchi and Nandan Denim. Sold PEL, Capital First in last 6 months for better opportunities.


Thanks @Nolanā€¦
Im working on consolidating my portfolio and increasing allocation on top bets.

Personally come across a lot of promoaing bets and for want of time to develop strong conviction and also not having lumpsum money to allocate put in a small position in the stock. Havent really been able to trim to below 20 due to this factor.

Due you see Capital First and PEL outperforming markets in long run? I see them as excellent well managed businesses and holding them with ultra long term view.

Yes. Both are in sideways movement for last few months but they have a long way to go.

I have made quite a bit of shuffling in my PF. But still struggling with allocation. I still have around 25 stocks in my PF. I have made a plan to reduce it to around 15 and Iā€™m working on reducing them as and when I get good rates to exit the stocks identified for sale. Can experts help me identify gaps in my allocation and suggest ways to build a more concentrated PF.

NBFCs/HFCs 34.91% Plan
Capital First Ltd 16.18% Top pick Reduce %
Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. 11.65% Top pick Reduce %
Piramal Enterprises Ltd 6.42% Top pick Ok
PNB Housing Finance Ltd. 0.66% Small pick Sell
Chemicals 16.23%
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertlzrs&Chms Ltd 7.23% Top pick Ok
Gujarat State Fertilizers&Chemicals Ltd 0.98% Small pick Sell
MEGHMANI ORGANICS 3.03% Medium Increase
Deepak Nitrite Ltd. 3.04% Medium Increase
Oriental Carbon and Chemicals Ltd 1.96% Small pick Increase
Auto 12.85%
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd 7.35% Top pick Ok
Hero Motocorp Ltd 2.17% Medium Sell
Tata Motors Limited 2.33% Medium Sell
Force Motors Ltd 1.00% Small pick Sell
Construction/Infra 11.32%
Dilip Buildcon Ltd 5.70% Top pick Ok
KNR Constructions Ltd 2.64% Medium Ok
Kridhan Infra Ltd 2.98% Medium Ok
Defense 2.41%
Cochin Shipyard Ltd 2.41% Medium Increase
Retail 8.10%
Avenue Supermarts Ltd 8.10% Top pick Sell/Reduce
Steel 5.06%
Prakash Industries Limited 5.06% Top pick ok
FMCG 3.80%
ITC Ltd 3.80% Medium Sell
Small bets 5.33%
Aksh Optifibre Limited 1.05% Small pick Ok
Swelect Energy Systems Ltd 0.71% Small pick Sell
Nandan Denim Ltd 1.21% Small pick Sell
Rain Industries Ltd 1.16% Small pick Sell
Lasa Supergenerics Ltd 1.19% Small pick Ok
100.00% 0
Nature % No of stocks
Small pick 9.92% 9
Medium 22.39% 8
Top pick 67.68% 8
Total 100.00% 25
Industry % No of stocks
NBFCs/HFCs 34.91% 4
Chemicals 16.23% 5
Auto 12.85% 4
Construction/Infra 11.32% 3
Defense 2.41% 1
Retail 8.10% 1
Steel 5.06% 1
FMCG 3.80% 1
Small bets 5.33% 5
Total 100.00% 25
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