Portfolio for 20%+CAGR

Following are my investments recently made.
Request seniors to comment if this portfolio is good enough to manage 20% CAGR for next 2-3 years.

Company Weightage
Delta Corp 14%
Arman Finance 5%
Voltamp 4%
Radico Khaitan 5%
Globus Spirits 5%
Ambika Cotton 6%
Aym Syntex 11%
Shilpa Med 13%
Agro Tech Foods 6%
Adlabs 8%
Escorts 12%
Anant Raj 5%

Try and avoid Adlabs if possible. Better stocks available.

Wonderla Holidays way better than Adlabs…but valuation wise fully priced in…

Take solution…stovec industries…zensar tech…TVs tyres.for study…

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